Students in business courses are highly motivated to succeed in their professional careers… as well as their academic careers. If you’d like to help them see success in these arenas, try assigning MindTap. Our studies show that students spend 50% more time working in MindTap if it counts for at least 20% of their grade.

Instructors of Business courses see improved student outcomes when:

  • Students use MindTap consistently through the school term. Business students who use MindTap on a weekly basis are more likely to get an 80% average or higher.
  • Students take advantage of MindTap’s helpful study features. As an example: Business students who use the flashcard app more than ten times per term increase their likelihood of earning a 90% or better in the course.
  • They themselves use MindTap to manage their courses! Instructors who spend 8 or more hours managing their course (modifying or adding content, monitoring student progress, communicating with students, etc.) through the semester get students to spend nearly twenty minutes more per week working in the course.

To learn more about the ways that MindTap can help you improve student learning outcomes in your Business courses, review our complete study.

(You can also see results specific to MindTap for Introduction to Business.)

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