During Phi Theta Kappa‘s 2014 NerdNation convention, we had conversations with numerous attendees and talked to them about their lives as college students.

In the following videos, you’ll see how they responded when we asked: How do your instructors get you engaged in the classroom?

Take a few minutes to listen to what these students from around the United States had to say about the tools and techniques that caught their attention, developed their understanding of course materials, and brought their classes to life. From debates and discussion to thought-provoking activities and assignments, you’ll hear that students respond to a variety of strategies that you can adopt in your course.



How do you get students engaged in the classroom? Share your tips and ideas in the comments.


» Discover  more of these student insights in the white paper “Motivating and Engaging Today’s College Students: Insights from Phi Theta Kappa’s NerdNation”.