How do you engage the adult learners in your courses? What activities and strategies might work to enhance their learning in your classroom and their overall success in college? And, how can you enable them to see that what you’re covering is relevant to their academic, personal, and professional goals, as well as to their daily lives?

If you teach the College Success course, or if you have a number of adult learners in your classes, you likely have these types of questions on your mind.

In their recent webinar “Adult Student Success: How Does Awareness Correlate to Program Completion?” Dr. Barbara Calabro and Dr. Melanie Yerk address the multi-faceted approaches to adult student success and retention by exploring the factors that specifically impact how adult students learn. They cover such topics as motivation, personality development, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as they relate to adult students, self-esteem, and financial literacy. Dr. Calabro and Dr. Yerk also discuss the foundational competencies necessary for success both in college and in the workplace, as well as several learning strategies that will help students successfully achieve their academic goals. As you listen, you’ll gather a number of creative ideas for motivating students to become more engaged, fostering and improving their self efficacy, and supporting their success.


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