SWFT Tax Update (Coronavirus Changes)

IRS placard
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The past several weeks has seen a flurry of Federal legislative activities related to the coronavirus, as well as actions by the Internal Revenue Service:

  1. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act [CARES Act; P.L. 116–136 (March 27, 2020)];
  2. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act [P.L. 116–127 (March 18, 2020)];
  3. IRS Notices 2020-18 and 2020-20.

Included in these items are a variety of tax changes that affect our texts.  The SWFT Editors have provided a brief summary of these changes and references to where these items are (or would have been) discussed in our 2020 edition texts [Volume and Chapter; page(s) if applicable].

You can find the update here.