In a national, semester-long study, eight instructors and 284 students reported on their experience using MindTap in their Criminal Justice courses.

In the information sheet linked below, you’ll see the findings from this study, which revealed that:

  • Seven out of eight instructors rated their semester-long experience with MindTap with a grade of “A” or “B”.
  • Instructors almost unanimously agreed on the positive impact of MindTap across learning objectives and student engagement.
  • Students found the course more engaging and interesting because of MindTap.
  • More than two-thirds of students felt MindTap helped their learning and course grades in a number of ways, including:
    • “MindTap provided a new way to learn the material”
    • “MindTap extended the learning process beyond the classroom”
    • “MindTap helped me better understand the course material”

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