Economics Success Stories

Two Times the Engagement: Enhanced WebAssign and Aplia Aid in Conceptual Learning

Shahrukh Ali has his sights set on opening his own businesses. But first, the Wharton County (TX) Junior College freshman must master the basics, so he elected a full-time schedule of Biology, Calculus, Economics, Humanities and English courses. Shahrukh wants to earn his degree in MIS and Supply Chain from the University of Texas, so he knows he must keep his grades high in junior college. Fortunately, this student has two powerful resources in his corner: Aplia and Enhanced WebAssign.

Shahrukh says he prefers the flexibility of online classes and appreciates the way his Cengage Learning online resources complement his coursework. He uses Aplia for his online Economics class, and Enhanced WebAssign for the hybrid Calculus course.

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Aplia Instant Access Brings Macroeconomics Alive for a Non-Traditional Student

As a busy mom with two teenagers at home, Susan Taylor went back to college not because she had spare time. Conversely, her time was limited and attending classes and finding time to study would be a chore. However, Susan knew that in order to advance herself professionally, secure a better paying job, and to help her two children get through college in coming years, she needed to pursue a college education.

Going back to school as she neared her fifties would pose some technology challenges, and she understood that. When she purchased the printed text and Aplia for her Principles of Macro Economics class at her campus bookstore, she didn’t know what to expect. She had never used an etextbook before and calls herself ‘more of a physical book person’. While she had worked with computers before, her experience with the Internet and online learning was limited. Add these challenges to her lack of alone time for studying, and Susan knew macro economics might bring back a bit of her old math anxiety and be a tough course to pass.

Susan was fortunate to have an enthusiastic instructor for her course, and he designed the homework assignments around his lectures. She learned to use the etextbook within Aplia because it made studying so easy. Aplia also helped her build her confidence and lose that fear of math and graphs that haunted her before.

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Economics Instructor Philipp Jonas Sees Increased Student Engagement with Aplia

Hoping to spark students’ interest in your Economics course, and also help them practice and hone their math skills as needed? Discover how Aplia helped Philipp Jonas of Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Michigan) engage students in the course material, increase their proficiency in the math skills necessary in an economics course, draw a connection between course concepts and current events, and provide students with immediate feedback on their progress. Read More…

MindTap Increases Engagement in Robert Black’s Intro to Business and Economics Course

Seeking a technology solution that encourages self-paced, personalized learning, while providing the content and resources that students need to stay motivated and succeed in your classes? Discover how Robert Black of State University of New York Maritime College (Throggs Neck, NY) used the personalized Learning Plans, the MindTap Reader, and other features of MindTap to increase student engagement, offer additional guidance, and improve grades in his Introduction to Business course. Read More…