Environmental Science

MindTap Supports Student Learning in Environmental Science Courses

Have you been seeking out additional ways to engage the students in your Introduction to Environmental Science courses? Try incorporating digital for a grade. Instructors who make MindTap count for at least 20% of their students’ score in Introduction to Environmental Science see higher engagement and improved outcomes.

Digital learning tools matter to today’s students. According to a recent report, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

Recent analysis of MindTap usage for all disciplines across the 2014-2015 academic year demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes.

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Aplia Encourages Wallace Butler’s Environmental Science Students to Read and Learn

Are you looking for an online learning solution that demonstrates the relevance of the concepts you cover in your Environmental Studies course, motivates students to complete the required reading, and lessens any fear or apprehension they may have towards science and math? Discover how Wallace Butler of County College of Morris (Randolph, NJ) used Aplia to provide active-learning opportunities that spark students’ interest, promote deeper understanding and application of course concepts—and ultimately improve test scores as well. Read More…