Intro to Business White Papers

Increasing Student Learning and Engagement with MindTap for Economics

MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignments that guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing instructors to measure skills and outcomes with ease.

Examine the results of both qualitative and quantitative studies conducted in Fall, 2013 suggesting that MindTap is an effective tool for improving student learning and where students using MindTap substantially increased their content knowledge and skills over the course of a semester.

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Aplia Improves Learning in Management Courses

This whitepaper examines Cengage Learning’s tool, Aplia. Aplia is an online learning solution designed to improve student learning outcomes by increasing student engagement and ultimately enabling students to think like managers.

A survey of principles of management instructors to assess the impact of Cengage Learning’s Aplia on the engagement and learning of students enrolled in management courses and on the satisfaction of instructors with the use of Aplia. Read More…