Political Science Success Stories

Struggling to Engage Students with Traditional Classroom Tools

Today’s community college student is often faced with a difficult decision when deciding how to allocate their time and resources while focusing on work and family or school. Few understand this as well as Danielle Bachan, an instructor at Houston Community College, who teaches busy students about Texas politics and government. Bachan is tasked with inspiring students to learn about issues, agencies, and processes they otherwise might not explore or learn about on their own. Bachan finds her students also have heightened expectations when it comes to technology and how it’s used in the classroom. Increasingly, they expect to Read More…

MindTap in Action Gets Students to Read—and Learn—About American Government

Joshua “Josh” Dyck has taught American Government at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UMass Lowell) since 2012. When he arrived at the institution after teaching at the University at Buffalo SUNY, he used a traditional textbook with no online component. His involvement in an advisory group that reviewed MindTap® led him to try the digital learning experience.

Students adapted easily to the MindTap environment, and so did Josh. He immediately saw a number of benefits. He noticed that students came to class prepared after completing readings and auto-graded assignments… allowing him to use lectures to go “beyond the book.” Students were also empowered to take control of their learning: they can work at their own pace, review learning resources as much as they wish, and take quizzes more than once to improve their grade.
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MindTap for Introduction to American Government

Rich Powell teaches at the University of Maine, and has used MindTap in his Introduction to American Government course for approximately a year, in conjunction with Janda et al.’s The Challenge of Democracy text. Rich teaches his Introduction to American Government course both in person and online. He appreciates that MindTap offers a seamless integration into the Blackboard Learning Management System. MindTap’s integration with Blackboard lessens his workload and adds to his efficiency, while giving students a better overall experience.

Rich has also found the content within MindTap helps engage his students in course concepts. The engaging content found in MindTap reinforces students’ understanding of concepts they learn in class while developing their critical thinking skills.

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Students of Dr. Bea Talpos Learn to Think Critically About American Government with Aplia

As an involved instructor with a passion for American Government, you want to inspire that same level of engagement and enthusiasm in your students. At the same time, you recognize the need to ensure that they learn how to think critically about the topics and issues that arise when we discuss government and politics. Discover how Aplia helped Bea Talpos of Wayne County Community College increase student involvement in her class, and learn how it strengthens her students’ ability to analyze information and apply key concepts.
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Aplia Boosts Student Engagement—and Success—in Tamra Ortgies-Young’s Course

If you teach American Government, you recognize the importance of keeping student engagement levels up—and also ensuring that they keep up with their coursework. Discover how Tamra Ortgies-Young of Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody Campus used Aplia to raise the level of participation in her class, reinforce critical thinking and study skills, provide instant feedback to her students, and help them improve their grades.
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