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Better Engagement, Better Outcomes—MindTap® Proves Its Impact in the Humanities and Social Sciences

In college classrooms across the country, instructors are witnessing the effectiveness of MindTap® in improving academic outcomes and engagement in today’s courses, as well as its ability to transform today’s students into critical thinkers. Research conducted by Cengage Learning—including in-depth conversations with instructors who use MindTap—verifies the digital solution’s positive impact. The data from these instructors’ courses demonstrates multiple successes: strong student engagement with assignments, greater mastery of course content, higher test scores, and overall improved student performance and success rates.

Students recognize MindTap’s advantages, too. They’re telling their instructors that MindTap truly helps them review, understand, and master the course content—and that they enjoy engaging with the content, homework, and learning activities.
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Engaging Students with MindTap Leads to Success

A Study of MindTap in Post-secondary College Success, Criminal Justice, Medical Terminology, and Psychology Courses

MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement, two independent research firms, conducted a comprehensive study of faculty and student perceptions of MindTap in the fall of 2014.

In a national, semester-long study, a majority of instructors and students in college success, criminal justice, medical terminology, and psychology courses judged MindTap to be effective in helping to teach students the content of their courses. In addition, students using MindTap in psychology courses showed significantly greater growth in psychology knowledge and skills than students who did not use MindTap but did support their learning with other digital tools.

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Student Learning Improves Significantly with MindTap

Peer Reviewed

A study of the impact of Cengage Learning’s MindTap on student learning in post-secondary psychology courses

Cengage Learning is continually studying the impact of our products in the increasingly digital higher education environment. To examine the impact of MindTap on Psychology courses, a large efficacy study was undertaken by two independent research teams. This study collected feedback from students and instructors as well as analyze the results of a standard post-test of subject matter knowledge. Students in classes using MindTap achieved significantly higher psychology post-test scores than students in classes using the same textbooks and other digital resources but without MindTap. All participating instructors felt that MindTap contributed to student learning and to enhancing students’ critical thinking skills. A majority of the participating students felt MindTap made the course more engaging and contributed to improving their grade in the course. The researchers concluded that MindTap can be an effective tool to increase student learning and improve instructor productivity in Psychology.
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Aplia Product Efficacy in Introductory Psychology Courses

Prepared for Cengage Learning by Project Tomorrow

To gain understanding as to how digital tools can improve outcomes in real classroom settings, Project Tomorrow collaborated with Cengage Learning to evaluate the efficacy of the use of Aplia within instructor psychology courses during the fall semester of 2013. This comparative environment created an opportunity within this study to not only evaluate the efficacy of Aplia usage, but also the differences in student achievement and instructor productivity afforded by the inclusion of a digital tool.

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Efficacy of Online Learning Solutions in Introductory Psychology Courses

This report highlights the results of an efficacy study of the impact of using online learning solutions within entry-level college psychology courses. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the CourseMate online learning solution on instructor productivity and student achievement and engagement. (To increase student engagement, CourseMate content and functionality is being incorporated into two other online solutions, Aplia™ and MindTap™, which are available and described later in this document.)

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