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College Students Share Their Classroom EdTech Wish List

Are your students satisfied with the EdTech being used in your classroom? Cengage Learning recently surveyed college students to see if they would enjoy using their mobile devices more as learning tools and what types of tools and apps would work best. Thousands of students responded; we’ve shared the findings below. Find out what technology college students ask their instructors for most frequently.

We asked students “What kinds of tools or apps would work for learning on mobile (phone, tablet, laptop) in your class?” Students had a lot of great ideas! We’ve outlined a few of the most frequent responses below. Read More…

Aplia: Engaging and Educating Learners through the Transformation of Homework

Homework. When learners hear the word, they think “dull” and “frustrating.” For instructors, homework can be labor-intensive and unrewarding. Until Aplia.

Aplia, part of Cengage Learning, has transformed homework into a tool for engaging learners and making sure they come to class prepared. The result is students who learn better and are more successful.  Read More…