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Experiences, Challenges and Perspectives of Adjunct Instructors

Adjuncts’ top priorities are to share knowledge and make a difference in the lives of their students. And yet, many still feel disconnected and less valued than full-time faculty because they believe they have to try harder in order to prove themselves. Most adjunct faculty hold master’s degrees or a PhD, and because several of them have professional/real-world experience in the course area they teach, they can bring that extra value to the classroom.

Adjunct Instructor Survey

Cengage partnered with Zeldis Research Associates in a three-phased multimethod study. 417 adjunct instructors completed an online survey, and 63 adjunct professors participated in Read More…

Insights and Challenges as an Adjunct Instructor

According to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), more than 50 percent of those teaching at a college level are part- and full-time non-tenure track faculty, otherwise known as an adjunct instructor or contingent faculty. What are the issues these instructors face since they are not afforded the same security and academic freedom that full-time college professors enjoy? What efforts are being made to help in overcoming challenges faced by adjuncts?

Changing face of college instructors

There are many different names used to describe an adjunct instructor, according to the AAUP such as adjuncts, postdocs, non-tenure-track faculty, clinical faculty, part-timers, Read More…

How To Orchestrate Productive Classroom Discussions

Guest Contributor: Sherri Singer, Department Head for Social & Behavioral Sciences at Alamance Community College The long pause: we’ve all experienced waiting an eternity in our classrooms hoping for just one student to respond to our questions. Articles and advice from tenured faculty flow about  the value of the long pause. If we wait long enough, they will respond. And sometimes they do, with a disappointing answer, leaving you hanging in the middle of a failing classroom discussion.  Or  we sometimes get one student responds who, and responds and responds.  Classroom interaction and discussion is a balancing act that can perplex even Read More…

Webinar: Motivate College Students with Active Learning

At Cengage Learning, we know that instructors of all types are always on the lookout for new ways to engage students and transform them into active learners. That’s why, in October of 2015, we expanded our partnership with the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD), a membership organization committed to promoting and celebrating excellence in teaching, learning, and leadership at community and technical colleges, to co-host a series of webinars, podcasts, and blog posts covering professional development topics for adjunct faculty and administrators.

Active learning

Our most recent webinar hosted through our partnership with NISOD, titled “Koala to Kangaroo: Getting Your Read More…

Teachable Moments: The Value of Five Minutes

Guest Contributor: Essie Childers, professor of student success and developmental reading at Blinn College Five minutes equals three hundred seconds. I pondered for a moment to make a list of how many things I do that would only take five minutes. The list was quite extensive. To name a few, you can check a few emails, make a phone call, grade one or two objective tests, or photocopy a few papers. Looking over the brief list above, it takes about five minutes to do each task.  What if you had a five-minute, personal conversation with each of your students?

Five-minute exit interview

Near the end of the Read More…

It’s More than JUST “Flipping the Class”

Using the terms “flipped” and “model” in Flipped Model can cause would-be newcomers to this style of teaching and learning to dismiss trying it out because they simply do not have the time to try another new thing. During this webinar, Damon Givehand, Digital Educator at Cengage Learning, discusses what this approach really offers, so you can determine for yourself if it is worth giving a shot in your own course!
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What’s in Your Backpack?

Contributor: Sherri Singer, Alamance Community College. Across the country this semester, students have gone back to college. Their backpacks are filled with textbooks, paper, pens, pencils, laptops, and calculators. Many of those backpacks will weigh more than 30 pounds and be filled with materials that cost students on average $1,250 each semester (College Board). Backpacks are so heavy that colleges such as Boston University are providing guides for packing light and issuing warnings to students about carrying backpacks weighing more than ten percent of their body weight. A generic textbook will weigh between three and five pounds. If students Read More…

Becoming a Culturally Responsive Teacher: Part 2

In this podcast, Essie Childers of Blinn College discusses the importance of curriculum selection and will identify instructional activities adjunct faculty can use to celebrate and appreciate diversity in the classroom.
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Adjuncts: Tell Us How You’re Striving for Excellence, and Win

The National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) and Cengage Learning firmly believe in the crucial role adjuncts play in the delivery of quality teaching and learning in higher education, as well as the crucial role quality training and development resources can play in supporting them as they strive for excellence. This belief is highlighted in our “Striving for Excellence” series of podcasts, webinars, and blog posts that offer proven strategies, best practices, and tips designed to help you and your colleagues operate at peak performance.

Cengage Learning and NISOD also believe that instructors, coordinators, and administrators like you have a wealth of ideas for supporting adjunct instructors’ professional development. And we want to hear them!

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Engaging Professional Development: Best Practices for Adjunct Faculty Members

Are you looking for ways to increase adjunct faculty attendance at your professional development sessions? Are you running out of engaging topics? In this webinar, Sherri Singer provides information about best practices for designing an engaging professional development program specifically for adjunct faculty and highlights adjunct-tested and adjunct-approved topics.
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