Driving Deeper Homework Understanding with MindTap for English

If you want to provide your students with #JustOneThing that will help them learn the content of your course, consider utilizing the Aplia assignment feature Try Another Version in MindTap for English. Try Another Version in Aplia Through Aplia assignments, my students have the ability to learn from their mistakes with Try Another Version. With assignments that utilize the Try Another Version option, students in my co-requisite English courses learn how to learn instead of just rushing through their homework assignments. When using the Try Another Version option, my students must make at least an overall grade of an Read More…

English Department Chair Finds Grammar Success Through MindTap with Aplia

Greg Underwood, English Department Chair at Pearl River Community College in Mississippi, once struggled with a less-than-stellar digital package from another publisher. MindTap changed that for the better.


Teaching grammar can be difficult, especially online. Many students needed additional help mastering the elements of grammar.


MindTap with Aplia for English Comp


Thanks to MindTap with Aplia, grammar instruction is now more effective, and students enjoy the exercises, which leads to better engagement and success.

Find out more on why Greg Underwood recommends MindTap with Aplia for English Comp for all instructors.


Student Powers Through Economics with Aplia

Aplia helped Michael Cymbalisty, a budding entrepreneur and University of Illinois student, get down to business when learning Economic Statistics.

Better Study, Less Time with Aplia

Michael Cymbalisty, a finance major at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, is in a hurry to be a “serial entrepreneur.” He already spends time on business projects, but he also has to get through tough courses like Economic Statistics. Aplia expedited his learning process, giving him more time to pursue his passion. “Knowing I had Aplia as my backbone gave me confidence for my exams and assignments even if I didn’t understand the material the Read More…

Student Punts Procrastination Using Aplia for Philosophy

Taylor Weyland admits that she sometimes (just sometimes) waits too long to begin her assignments at Texas A&M University. Using Aplia in her philosophy course changed that.

Aplia Boosted Engagement and Results

Aplia helped me stay engaged with the material,” Taylor says. “I like how Aplia shows you the percentage grade after you submit an assignment. It shows you what answers were incorrect. I also like how it gives you hints when you are stuck on a problem.” Taylor liked the course outcomes even more. “I was pleased with the ‘A’ I got, and was happy Aplia helped me get Read More…

APLIA: A Tech-Solution that knows No Limits

APLIA is a by-product of science that transforms the way students learn and how faculty teaches. In an orthodox set-up, students use books as a primary source of information. However, complex by-the-book discussions make it harder for average students to comprehend. The use of a dictionary may be necessary to know terms commonly introduced by different fields. One of the advantages of APLIA is its built-in dictionary that provides definitions of unfamiliar terms. In addition, APLIA reinforces the learning of students by providing them instant feedback about their performance in exams and activities. Traditionally, written assignments do not effectively serve Read More…

Instructor Seeks a Better Way to Deliver Online Course Assignments that Provide Accurate and Relevant Answers

Nikki Ware, an instructor at Kentucky Community Technical College, was frustrated with the current online study tool in use for classes. Students shared her frustration, as they were not only uninspired with the content but learned that the program was supplying them with incorrect answers. Ware set out to improve the situation and began using Cengage Learning’s Aplia, and almost immediately things improved for students and instructors. Armed with correct responses and a program that was motivating and engaging, student outcomes improved and teachers became more effective. Additionally, because Aplia gives students online access to content, students who Read More…

Student Success Improves Thanks to Aplia in Challenging Statistics Course

Professor Kimberly Benien’s Elementary Statistical Methods online class at Wharton County Junior College uses Aplia. Elizabeth Garcia and Kevin Garbs are nursing students who both claim to not be strong in math, but found Aplia helped them through their statistics course. Elizabeth is a full-time student who will graduate soon. Her goal is to work in nursing a few years, then return to school to earn her master’s degree. Kevin is a part-time student pursuing an associate’s degree in pre-nursing. He intends to get his RSN degree.


For both nursing students, combining in-person and online courses with job and home Read More…

MindTap with Aplia Promotes Active Learning for Non-Majors Biology Students

Rebekka Darner Gougis of Illinois State University uses MindTap® in her biology for non-science majors course at Illinois State University, and both she and her students are satisfied with the personalized online learning experience.

No stranger to online teaching resources, Rebekka previously used another company’s digital biology product. While she appreciated some aspects of the program, she was also troubled by it. “All questions were the type for which answers could be easily found online,” she says. “I got tired of seeing students cheat by just Googling the answers. I wanted to try something that was newer and that motivated students to think more critically, and MindTap was appealing.”
Read More…

Cengage Learning Solutions: How to Set Up Your Course

You’ve adopted the Cengage Learning digital solution that best suits the needs of your course and your students. Now, you’re ready to put that digital solution into action!

Access live and on-demand webinars to get the information you need—when you most need it. You’ll learn how to use your Cengage Learning solution to deliver an immersive learning experience and enable your students to achieve academic success.
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Student Insights: How Aplia Made Me Better Prepared for Class

In the video below, students from Phi Theta Kappa’s 2014 NerdNation convention discuss how Cengage Learning’s Aplia boosted their skills, engaged them through relevant resources, and and made them better prepared for class.

Read More…