Gardner’s Art through the Ages and Google Earth – An Engaging Combination

Gardner’s Art through the Ages and Google Earth – An Engaging Combination
Facilitated by:
Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D., Boston University
Date Recorded: 2/20/2015 Join us for a free webinar with Fred Kleiner, award-winning author of Gardner’s Art Through the Ages, 15e. Learn how to boost engagement and interest in your course with help from Google Earth, an integrated part of MindTap for Art History. Now, instead of just showing students relevant examples of art and architecture, you can take them to the exact place each work was created. Journey with Fred as he demonstrates how he has used Read More…

Webinar: Explore Art Globally and Thematically with Cengage

» Webinar:  Explore Art Globally and Thematically with Cengage
Facilitated by:
Margaret Lazzari and Dona Schlesier
Date Recorded: 4/3/2015 Hear Margaret Lazzari and Dona Schlesier, authors of Exploring Art, 5th Edition, as they discuss the advantages of teaching art appreciation globally and thematically. Then, learn how to boost engagement and excitement in your art appreciation course with help from MindTap the interactive, customizable, and online teaching and learning solution developed to further give students an appreciation for artworks and art styles across time and across the globe.

About the presenters

Margaret Lazzari is an art critic and writer whose Read More…

What’s New in Art, Music and Philosophy

Humanities educators! Cengage has brand new titles coming out this spring for the art, music, and philosophy disciplines. Would you like to learn more about our product offerings or receive a sample copy? Contact your Learning Consultant today and we’ll get you started.


Cunningham, Reich, Fichner-Rathus, Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities, Volume I and II, 9th Edition ©2018 Culture and Values, 9th Edition, introduces students to art, music, philosophy, religion, and literature from the beginnings of civilization to the contemporary world, encouraging students to consider how understanding both their own and other heritages contribute to becoming Read More…

MindTap Improves Student Engagement, Helps Teach Art

For Victoria Buck, an instructor who teaches art history at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, getting students to truly engage with the subject was a goal. Buck is a mixed-media sculpture artist who would like for her students to see the magic in art in that she does, and therefore wanted her students to see particular pieces and learn specific concepts. Many students are inherently interested, but she feared some may lose interest without interactivity and compelling resources like video. After learning about Cengage Learning’s Art Through The Ages on MindTap from a colleague, Buck thought the Read More…

Exploring Where Art Education is Headed

The ArtisTECH Talk, centered around Art Education, took place at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, North Carolina on February 25th. The event was a huge success. Art History and Appreciation educators joined forces to learn about new ways to engage students, enhance student success, and improve efficiency in their daily lives.

The event kicked off with an enthralling presentation from Digital Educator, Bridgett McGowen-Hawkins, to get instructors excited about Art Education. After, instructors learned first-hand about our digital learning solution, MindTap. Cengage Learning created MindTap for Art with both the student and instructor in mind. In Art History and Art Appreciation, an image needs to tell the student a lot of information at once. That’s why MindTap was created with text that surrounds the image so students can get the information they need, when they need it. Instructors can rest assured that Cengage Learning has their back! Read More…

Discovering Digital Learning within Art at CAA 2016

From February 3 to 6, 2016, the Cengage Learning Arts team attended the College Art Association Conference in Washington, D.C., the largest international forum for professionals in the visual arts. From interactive sessions led by distinguished scholars, to informative in-booth demonstrations, to cutting-edge focus groups, this year’s CAA was one for the books.
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Support Student Success in Art Courses with MindTap

Wondering how to support student success in your art courses, such as art history? Try incorporating digital for a grade. Recent analysis of MindTap usage across the 2014-2015 academic year demonstrates that using MindTap can have a significant and positive impact on student learning and outcomes. Instructors who make MindTap count for at least 20% of their students’ score are seeing higher engagement and improved outcomes.

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