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5 Tips for Assigning the First Research Paper of the Year

Many college students dread the research paper: the time involved, researching topics and material, writing coherently, and being tempted by plagiarism. In your curriculum, when assigning the first paper of the course, it’s important to explain the goal of the paper, describe the research paper format, offer viable research paper topics, and provide an example of research paper technique that meets their requirements.

Place the research in the context of the course

Instructors know the value in the research paper, which teaches academic research, library navigation, organizational thought processes, and presentation. Teachers should be aware of the challenges students face in writing papers. Read More…

Assignment Idea: Nurture Collaboration and Campus Appreciation with Digital

Group assignments offer students the chance to experience variety in assignments, break free of comfort zones, maybe make new friends, and ultimately learn how to successfully collaborate with peers who have a common goal. In Michelle Davidson’s Business Professional Writing course at The University of Toledo, the common goal was an assignment:  to create a digital field guide to campus.  Students were tasked to work in groups and use WordPress to create a digital field guide showcasing an element of campus life.  This assignment required students to compose appropriate, descriptive copy and illustrate their ideas with visual images.  Responses Read More…