Biology Success Stories

MindTap with Aplia Promotes Active Learning for Non-Majors Biology Students

Rebekka Darner Gougis of Illinois State University uses MindTap® in her biology for non-science majors course at Illinois State University, and both she and her students are satisfied with the personalized online learning experience.

No stranger to online teaching resources, Rebekka previously used another company’s digital biology product. While she appreciated some aspects of the program, she was also troubled by it. “All questions were the type for which answers could be easily found online,” she says. “I got tired of seeing students cheat by just Googling the answers. I wanted to try something that was newer and that motivated students to think more critically, and MindTap was appealing.”
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Aplia Helps Dr. Kathryn Lowrey’s Students Interact and Connect with Biology Concepts

When teaching Biology, your students benefit from resources that clarify some of the more complicated biological processes. Ideally, those resources will also provide them with extra help and practice for learning and retaining your course material, and also help to increase motivation among your students. Discover how Dr. Kathryn Lowrey of Jefferson Community and Technical College (Louisville, Kentucky) used Aplia to engage students, promote critical thinking and comprehension, and help students visualize and understand complex processes, systems, and concepts. Read More…