Career Online High School Efficacy

Impacts of High School Completion for Adult Learners

Career Online High School

See how libraries are transitioning from repositories and organizers of information to active learning institutions with a measurable impact on adult learners looking for an end-to-end high school completion program.

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Career Online High School Helps Non-Traditional Student Frances Ramos on the Path to a New Career

Frances Ramos was in her early 70s and wanted to move into a career in healthcare. However, she found the roadblock to gaining the skills needed for this field was her lack of a high school diploma. Career Online High School’s (COHS) online degree program afforded Frances both the curriculum and pace she needed. Because some of Frances’s previous credit hours from high school courses completed transferred over, she was able to earn her diploma in seven months. Learn how Frances was able to complete all of her coursework online—a must since she was working full-time throughout the program. Read More…