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Paramedic-MPA Candidate Showcases His Skills with Pathbrite

Brian Christison is pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Southern California. He also has ten years under his belt as a paramedic in San Diego, where he participates in a pioneering emergency services program. By all measures, his performance both academically and professionally has been first-rate.

Even standouts like Brian need tools to help them showcase their skills and accomplishments in today’s business environment—and for that, Brian has a Pathbrite e-portfolio. He learned about Pathbrite when he was required to create a personal brand portfolio for a Human Behavior in Public Organizations course. Recognizing Pathbrite’s value, he has continued to update it.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll learn more about the reasons why Brian, and others like him, have found Pathbrite so valuable. Discover the features that make it easy to create a compelling, visually striking digital portfolio that allows individuals to showcase their skills and experience—and differentiate themselves in a competitive business environment. You’ll also read how Pathbrite can be used by both students and instructors within the higher-education environment.

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Adjunct Instructors’ Outlook on Full-Time Employment

If you’ve been following education news lately, you’ve probably read at least one article that discusses the struggles that many adjunct instructors are having as they seek full-time employment at colleges and universities. Though many can find work as adjuncts, the prospects for full-time, permanent positions are not as bright.

In our Spring 2015 Instructor Engagement Insights survey, we asked adjunct instructors to share their thoughts and experiences on a number of topics. Among these questions, we asked them to share their personal perspective on the important issue of full-time employment opportunities.

Below, we explore what they had to say. We also offer some quick tips to adjuncts who are looking to pursue full-time employment in higher education.

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Join Us at the 11th Annual Economics Teaching Conference!

Economics instructors: Join us November 5 and 6, 2015 for the 11th Annual Economics Teaching Conference! This year, the conference takes place in Dallas, Texas at the Marriott City Center. Register for the conference today!

Sponsored by the National Economics Teaching Association (NETA) and Cengage Learning, this two-day conference combines sessions by some of the most creative economics instructors in the country with keynote talks by top economists and today’s thought leaders.

Keynote speakers for the 11th Annual Economics Teaching Conference include Gregory Mankiw, Paul Romer, and Robert Lawson. 

In addition, we’ll have a schedule full of exciting events, including a Thursday-evening dinner at Gilley’s Dallas. You won’t want to miss all the live music and fun!

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How Students Can Make the Most of Their Work Experience

It’s no secret that students typically attend college to prepare themselves for a wider range of employment opportunities. As noted in an earlier post, a strong majority of students say that getting a good job is their primary reason for attending college. But it’s also true that many college students are already working as they proceed through their college education. Of the college students who responded to our Spring 2015 Student Engagement Insights survey, 63% currently have a job. However, 35% of students say that their job directly ties into the careers they hope to have. That’s Read More…

How Students’ Career Goals Motivate Their Choices in College

It wouldn’t be surprising to hear that career goals play a significant role in students’ decisions about their academic majors, their internships, and their extracurricular activities. But would students say that their career aspirations are the main factor in the choices they make regarding their academic paths?

In our recent Student Engagement Insights survey, conducted in Spring 2015, we asked students a number of questions regarding their career goals, especially as they related to their college plans. We asked: Was “getting a good job” your primary reason for attending college?
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Three Ways to Use LinkedIn as an Educator

The popular social-networking site LinkedIn offers you far more than a place to post your résumé online. You can connect with colleagues and peers on professional interests and activities (rather than the cat videos and pop-culture quizzes you’ll find on other social-media sites).

But how frequently do educators use LinkedIn? To begin exploring this topic, we asked readers of the Engaging Minds blog: Do you have a LinkedIn account? Below, their responses:

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Workforce Skills: How College Students Prep for the Job Market

We recently surveyed college students asking, “What are you doing to prepare yourself for the career world?” From seeking internships to mastering new languages, thousands of students revealed how they choose to prepare themselves for the workforce. Answers were as unique as the students themselves, but a few patterns arose. Learn how you can help your students fine-tune their preferred career prep methods. Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Apply Your Summer Job Skills

Part-time jobs can be more than just a chance to make some extra money. Every employment or volunteer experience is an opportunity to build up a new set of valuable career skills–even those you don’t think tie directly to your career path.

Share these helpful hints with your college students for developing skills in their summer jobs that may be applied to their future careers. Read More…

Using Technology to Collaborate? Remember Three Key Points

It’s very likely that your students are using technology to collaborate in their college courses. If they aren’t using it today, they’ll soon be doing so in their future careers. You, too, may be using tech tools to collaborate with your colleagues. When collaborating within a group or team, it pays to adopt the communication skills that enable you to work together effectively. However, due to its very nature, online collaboration requires some extra finesse. In the Enhanced Edition of Microsoft® Office 2013: Introductory, Enhanced Edition from the Shelly Cashman Series, Misty E. Vermaat shares three key things Read More…

End the School Term Well: Four Helpful Activities

While students look forward to turning in their last test or paper and commencing on their summer activities, you still have work to do before you end the school term. For the next few weeks, you’ll have a lot on your plate, but before you close the books on this semester, consider taking these four steps, which can help you end the term on an especially productive note, and put you in good stead for your next term.

Four Activities that Will Help You End the School Term Well

1. Reflect on what you’ve learned and observed this semester.  Think through the assignments and exams from Read More…