Students Speak Out About CengageNOWv2

The majority of more than 500 students using CengageNOWv2 in a variety of accounting classes responded favorably to questions about their experience. These students attend a mix of two-year and four-year institutions, and are taking their accounting classes in face-to-face, online, or blended formats.
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Tax Student Gains Critical Thinking Skills, Efficiency, and Concept Mastery with CengageNOW for Tax

Nina Messery, a full-time student at William Patterson University in New Jersey, is deep into her accounting classes as she shoots for her goal of becoming CPA certified and working toward a job in the public accounting field. As a junior, Messery is quickly learning that her discipline-specific courses are becoming more challenging, and as
such, require better preparation and concept mastery. But, like many college students, she admits she waits too long to get started with some assignments, which can add to her daily stress. Her current tax class is the only course in which she’s currently Read More…

Commuter Student with Distractions at Home Struggles to Focus on Difficult Accounting Concepts

It’s no wonder Nick Dispenziere, a senior accounting major who has just completed a tax course at William Patterson University in New Jersey, has always been good with numbers. “My family is in the accounting business so I thought it would be a good fit,” Dispenziere said. “I enjoy the profession and like solving problems, which is necessary to be a good accountant.”

Accounting may be in Dispenziere’s blood, but that doesn’t mean earning a degree in a challenging subject, especially as a student who commutes eighty miles roundtrip to and from school, is easy. “I have two little brothers at home, which can really be a distraction,” Dispenziere said. “That’s why even on days I don’t have class I often drive into school and study in the library where it’s quieter.”

It was at the school library Dispenziere learned a secret; just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean students are motivated to complete what can be tedious tax homework assignments.

To motivate students like Dispenziere to engage more with homework assignments, William Patterson University recently began using CengageNOW (CNOW), an online collection of resources that provides accounting students with engaging homework assignments, instant performance feedback, and problem-solving skills that result in improved exam performance. The cloud-based collection of tools was created to help students master difficult concepts, reach higher levels of thinking, and achieve the level of mastery they need to be successful in the real world.
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Demanding Accounting Course Taxes Busy Students Attempting to Learn Difficult Subject Matter

For Kristen Cregg, an accomplished junior majoring in Accounting at William Patterson University in New Jersey, the dream of one day working full time at one of the four major accounting firms can seem a long way off. Even Cregg, who has worked part time at an accounting firm since she was a teen, struggles at times with detailed subject matter that can be difficult to learn.

Tax students are asked to master many difficult concepts and students like Kristin are looking for a solution that will make tax principles more understandable and ultimately prepare them to sit for the CPA exam.

To help students better understand tax concepts, Cregg’s University recently implemented CengageNOW (CNOW), an online collection of resources that provides taxation students with engaging homework assignments, instant performance feedback, and problem solving skills that result in improved exam performance. The assignments created in CNOW are designed to promote genuine comprehension and take some of the intimidation out of learning complicated tax concepts. One feature that accomplishes this, Post Submission Feedback, offers students instant analysis of their performance.
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Digital Solutions Coordinators: Your Support Team for Success

At the beginning of a new term, you have many concerns for your course—some concerning your students and their immediate needs; others, more administrative in nature. At times, those details include setting up your course’s digital solution and ensuring that it suits the specific needs of your class.

We recently asked Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators: “What’s the most challenging issue an instructor has brought to you and how did you resolve it?” Below, we’ve shared a few of their responses. You’ll see how they’ve partnered with instructors to help them use our solutions to accomplish their course goals.

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How Prerequisite Activities Boost Student Preparedness

Guest Contributor: Jennifer Schneider, University of North Georgia. How can we encourage students in a positive manner to come to class prepared? I have been struggling with this question since I began my career in education. After committing to research on teaching unprepared students, I feel like I have come up with a few strategies that have been working in my class. The most effective strategy I have implemented is the use of prerequisites. I teach highly quantitative courses where repetition is the key to understanding course concepts. Therefore, I require students to complete a series of practice exercises prior Read More…

Ivy Tech Boosts Passing Rates in Accounting with CengageNOW

Professor Gary Laycock is the Accounting Program Chair at Ivy Tech Community College, which has more than thirty locations throughout Indiana. He teaches online accounting classes as well as several face-to-face sections every semester, each with an average of twelve to fourteen students.

Currently, accounting instructors are required to use a non-Cengage Learning technology solution for online courses, but are free to choose whatever system they wish in the face-to-face classes. In Fall 2014, Professor Laycock chose CengageNOW.
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Cengage Learning Digital Solutions: Get Your Jumpstart Today!

In adopting a digital solution, you’ve already figured out how to reach your students. Now it’s time to put that digital solution into action to deliver a richer and more immersive learning experience. Cengage Learning’s online trainings give you the information you need, when you most need it, to use your digital solution to derive the best results from your students.

Get up and running quickly and easily! Register today for one of our online training sessions… we have several taking place through the remainder of the fall.

Don’t see your Cengage Learning solution listed below? Access links to our complete list of available archived training sessions.

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CengageNOW Helps Students Focus on Problem Solving – Not Just Arriving at the Answer

Michael O’Neill has been teaching accounting at Seattle Central Community College since 1980. In those 34 years, he’s seen a lot of students come and go, and he knows what to expect from students — and what to watch for at the beginning of the course. As O’Neill explained, early on it’s common for students to try to find the fastest route to the answer to a problem, and it becomes obvious that they really don’t want to go through all the steps required to think it through. Read More…

Homework: Not Just a Way to Torture Students!

Guest Contributor: Kristen Quinn, Northern Essex Community College (Haverhill, Massachusetts). As I tell all my students as they moan and groan when I assign homework, I went into teaching for two reasons: 1. To make my student lives miserable, and 2. To make millions. I have a feeling that they only think that I am being sarcastic about the second reason. But getting students to do their homework was an ongoing challenge in courses that I taught, and the lack of practice outside of the classroom was being reflected in the students’ test grades. So I needed to do something Read More…