Chris McKittrick’s Students Accrue Accounting Skills with CengageNOW

If you teach Accounting, you know that plentiful, steady practice with course concepts—outside of class—greatly improves students’ ability to master those topics. You also know that students can feel overwhelmed by the workload, and often need additional guidance to complete their assignments.
If you’re seeking an online learning solution to help you address these challenges, read our success story featuring Chris McKittrick of North Carolina State University. Here, you’ll learn how he has used CengageNOW to provide students with an environment that allows students to “accrue” essential knowledge and skills while get the practice that they need, all at their own pace. Read More…

A Study on the Impact of Cengage Learning’’s CengageNOW in Accounting

Student Learning and Engagement Improve with CengageNOW

This research study examines one of the most widely used digital tools in post-secondary education, Cengage Learning’s CengageNOW, an online teaching and learning resource that provides instructors with learning management tools to deliver better student outcomes.

The findings from this efficacy study show that students using CengageNOW had significantly higher grades compared with those who used the same textbook without CengageNOW. Read More…