Competency-Based Education

Ed Trend to Watch: Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education offers an interesting alternative to the more traditional credit-hour-based system of learning in higher education. In this system, college students progress when they prove that they’ve mastered the subject matter, whether that may be faster or slower than their classmates. Competency-based education has received a great deal of attention as a disruptive innovation which promises to raise course quality and student completion.

Why competency-based education?

Today, not enough students who begin their college journey end up graduating, which can set them back even further than when they began. The most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that the college graduation rate Read More…

Executive News in Higher Ed Newsletter: February 2016

When Implementing Competency-Based Education, Software Infrastructure is Key

Over six hundred institutions currently use some form of Competency Based Education (CBE), but the definition of CBE is still speculative as is its impact on the revolution of Higher Ed. At LearnLaunch 2016, thought leaders strategized on what infrastructure is needed to ensure successful implementation of these new innovative models.

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The ‘C’ in CBE Shouldn’t Stand for “Confusion”

Every day, Higher Education leaders and reformers read or hear about “Competency-Based Education” or CBE, but precise definitions of CBE and clear guidance for implementing it are elusive.
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MindTap and Competency-Based Learning/Education (CBL/CBE)

After being around for decades in various forms, competency-based learning is gaining traction at a growing number of higher education institutions. It’s been credited with promoting student engagement, improving learning outcomes, lowering the cost and time needed to earn a degree, and better arming learners with skills required by employers and necessary for career success.

What’s behind all the buzz? Is competency-based learning an “all or nothing” proposition, or is it adaptable in traditional classrooms? And can instructors implement competency-based learning without overtaxing their busy schedules?

This paper addresses these questions and discusses how Cengage Learning’s MindTap™ can make it easier for instructors to move students successfully through a competency-based learning program to higher levels of knowledge and skills.

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