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Level Up Teaching Strategies with Gamification in the Classroom

I’m a perfect target for marketing driven by gamification, as evidenced by the amount of money I spend at Starbucks; by the point-earning search engine I use on my computer; and by the fitness trackers and tied-in apps I can use to earn points across platforms, competing with friends on various leaderboards on a daily basis. College students, who were likely raised with video games as an everyday part of life, are even more receptive to being engaged in this manner. To tap into this growing, but still experimental, strategy, many teachers are using gamification in the classroom, allowing Read More…

Answers Revealed: Data Analytics and Interoperability

Data analytics and interoperability are two ubiquitous—and interdependent–topics on the minds of institutional leaders as they strive to implement innovative teaching and learning models to improve outcomes. What interoperability issues and technologies do institution need to address in order to gain greater insight into their students’ learning outcomes? As digital learning continues to evolve, the user experience and underlying interoperability of courseware, tools, apps can enable the aggregation of data from multiple sources to drive personalized learning. Today, digital resource integration within institutional systems can be lengthy, expensive process. In some cases, proprietary tools can’t be integrated at all Read More…

Congratulations to the Winners of the Make It Count Contest!

Throughout this spring we received great videos of instructors across the country sharing the ways that they make it count with digital tools. Some encourage classmate collaboration while some foster critical thinking and others involve social media, but all utilize digital resources in unique and compelling ways to engage students in learning. The votes are in, and we are thrilled to announce these three winners of the Make It Count contest:

First Place

Aiyda Evans, Morgan State University

In her Introduction to Sociology course, Aiyda uses YouTube to present music videos from around the world to incite student discussion around Read More…

Teaching Tips for Engaging Students in the Online Classroom

The online classroom is gaining ground and popularity. The challenge for teachers at any level is figuring out how to foster a class discussion when all eyes are on a screen, at different times, rather than directly in front of you all at once. A successful class discussion can be difficult when you are in the same room as your students, but engaging students in another room, building or state requires another level of effort. What are some teaching tips you can employ?

Common problems in the online classroom

When it comes to online classrooms, most cater to adult learners Read More…

OLC Innovate: Innovations in Blended and Online Learning

The Big Easy played host to the inaugural conference geared to education leaders, faculty, system administrators, and course designers in pursuit of quality online learning. Attendees were invited to challenge existing barriers to innovation and re-imagine the learning experience. Through diverse sessions, workshops, and labs, the conference fostered dialogue and networking around emerging ideas in instructional design, pedagogical innovation, mobile technology, accessibility, online learning and course delivery, adaptive learning, and many more.

Thinking beyond the course

In partnership with Learning Objects, Cengage Learning hosted the lively session: Thinking Beyond the Course in Curriculum Design. The hosts, Natalie Skadra, Director of Instructional Design Read More…

Assignment Idea: Nurture Collaboration and Campus Appreciation with Digital

Group assignments offer students the chance to experience variety in assignments, break free of comfort zones, maybe make new friends, and ultimately learn how to successfully collaborate with peers who have a common goal. In Michelle Davidson’s Business Professional Writing course at The University of Toledo, the common goal was an assignment:  to create a digital field guide to campus.  Students were tasked to work in groups and use WordPress to create a digital field guide showcasing an element of campus life.  This assignment required students to compose appropriate, descriptive copy and illustrate their ideas with visual images.  Responses Read More…

Webinar: Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

Next generation is a term that is used widely and, on occasion, vaguely within Higher Education.  To uncover what next generation learning could mean, hundreds of educational leaders from across the country met virtually with Jon Mott, Chief Learning Officer of Learning Objects to discuss. Mott, previously Managing Director for Instructional Design and Innovation at Brigham Young University, outlined learning science, rich content, digital learning environments, learning design, curriculum development, and how all of these components help shape a next generation learning experiences. So, what is a next generation transformational learning experience?

Next generation digital

Many educational leaders are familiar with Read More…

Assignment Idea: Engage Students in Culture with Digital Media

We understand it is important for educators to relate course concepts to the outside world.  Highlighting aspects of current events and popular culture can make this connection and show students the value and importance of such concepts in the real-world and their own day-to-day lives.  Perhaps you have considered using, or already use, digital learning tools to help students forge these connections and better understand course subject matter. One idea for using digital, along with current events or popular culture, to engage students in learning comes from instructor Aiyda Evans at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. In her Read More…

Activate Digital Tools for Midterms

Spring midterm season is upon us! If you’re using a digital Cengage Learning product in your classroom, hopefully all of your students have already activated their digital materials as needed for their classwork. But every semester, there may be some that continue to put it off. As midterms and finals approach, help your students get the most out of their materials by reminding them to activate all of their digital products if they haven’t done so already.

Activate digital

    Better grades: with the use of additional study tools and highlight and reading tools, students will quickly have a leg up on those who put off activating
Read More…

Top Mobile Apps for College Student Research

From writing and research to organization, the average college workload is relentless. Mobile applications are the latest and greatest way for college students to keep all of their due dates, assignments, and study materials all at their fingertips. But where to begin? Share these top mobile apps with your students for keeping up with the demands of their college courses.

MindTap Mobile

If you’re enrolled in a MindTap course, MindTap Mobile offers convenient organizational and study tools that will help you stay on track and prepared. You’ll improve your study habits by accessing a clear view of the activities coming up in Read More…