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College Students Reveal Where They Begin Research

Do you know how your students work through a research assignment? From a recent survey of thousands of college students, we discovered that the majority (47%) of students think it takes only “1–2 hours to find citable sources” for their research paper. We also asked instructors what they recommend, and naturally, the majority felt this was too little time spent researching. So where do they begin that is so efficient it only takes an hour or two?

Research process

We also asked the students, “Where is the first place you go when doing research for class assignments?” Course materials, Google, LMS, Read More…

Digital Learning Tools: Making Grading Simple

Digital learning tools have been shown to improve outcomes and engagement, but there are major benefits for instructor-specific tasks as well.

Digital educational resources often have built-in functionality for making grading simple and insightful. There are options for all teaching types, even those who prefer to grade by hand. Digital tools like Cengage Learning’s MindTap allow instructors to see patterns in students’ learning by providing deep analysis. Read More…

Digital Learning: Instant Access to Materials and Resources

For some college students, if it’s not the last minute, it’s not worth doing.

No matter how much you insist, they may delay on ordering their textbooks, and then complain that the materials take too long to ship. Press them to ensure they fully understand the assignment before it’s too late, and you may still get frantic emails the night before. We can help. Read More…

Digital Learning Tools: Customizable and Easily Accessible

Every semester, students and instructors wonder how to get the most out of their time spent together. The key is to find content that is tailored to your class’s curriculum–and to ensure students have easy access to it.

Discover how digital learning tools can be customized to fit your classroom needs and accessed from virtually anywhere. Read More…

Activate Digital Learning Products for Midterms and Finals

The second half of the semester is closing in! Hopefully, all of your students have activated their digital materials as needed for their classwork, but every semester there may be some that continue to put it off. As midterms and finals approach, help your students get the most out of their materials by reminding them to activate all of their Cengage Learning digital products if they haven’t done so already.

3 reasons to activate now

By now, you and your students should be settling in to a good rhythm in your classroom. However, it’s important to take a pulse of your Read More…

Tips for Students: Get Ahead with the MindTap Reader

Why is everyone going digital? We asked college students to explain how Cengage Learning’s MindTap Reader helps them master their classroom materials in a way that fits their needs. Share this with your students for getting the most out of MindTap Reader.

MindTap Reader

Imagine having all your reading in one place — all of your class notes, all of your assignments, all of your tests, and even your due dates — everything. Then imagine being able to customize it to your needs by making your own note cards, highlighting, and making notes in your digital material. Before your next exam, you can print all of Read More…