Early Childhood Education success stories

MindTap Education Helps Teach Tomorrow’s Teachers

Tonya Misuraca teaches courses on guidance and classroom management, activity therapy for special needs children, and exceptional children in the Early Childhood Department at South Carolina’s Trident Technical College. Students can earn certificates in various childhood education-related areas as well as associate of applied science degrees in fields such as child care management and special education.

To support the diverse learning needs of her students as they prepare for their careers, Tonya has used MindTap® Education for two years. Forty percent of Tonya’s hybrid activity therapy course is tied to MindTap. Classes
meet once a week and students complete the rest of the course online. MindTap helps to engage Tonya’s students in active learning, in part by introducing them to what they may encounter in their future professions.
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College Students Avoid Purchasing Costly Course Materials and Fall Behind

Sandy Owen, the program chair for the early childhood department at Cincinnati State College, worried about how many of her students were not fully prepared on the first day of class and would quickly fall behind their fellow classmates. The culprit, according to Owen, is students’ failure to obtain the required course materials prior to the start of class. Unfortunately, the students in Owen’s courses are not alone. One in three students, according to national studies, have delayed purchase of course materials or have chosen not to purchase them at all. The consequences of not having access to pertinent Read More…