Do Adjuncts Have the Teaching Resources They Need?

As you prepare for this coming term, you’re likely making sure you have all the teaching resources you need in order to make your course a success. For adjunct instructors, who sometimes receive course assignments at the last minute, and who often lack connections on campus, these last-minute efforts may prove challenging (or, at the very least, more time consuming).

In our Spring 2015 Instructor Engagement Insights survey, we asked adjunct instructors a number of questions about their teaching experiences. Among these questions, we asked several regarding the resources they want, and need, to teach successfully.

While reviewing the data, we saw that, overall, most adjuncts are able to obtain the tools and resources that enable them to teach their students and manage their courses well. When we asked “Do you have adequate access to the resources you need?” 78% said yes, they did.

But as we looked more closely at the specific resources that adjuncts say help them lead their classes, did we uncover any significant gaps between their teaching needs and what’s actually provided to them? And what might you be able to do to bridge those gaps (whether you’re an adjunct yourself, or you’re in a position to help them)? We’ll explore the results below.

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Digital in the Classroom: The Student Voice

How do students perceive the use of digital solutions in the classroom? What better way to find out than to ask students themselves? We recently spoke with Zak Malamed, a student at the University of Maryland. Zak is also the Founder & Executive Director of Student Voice, and is a member of the panel for “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” Cengage Learning’s session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. Below, Zak discusses why he believes it’s important to include students in the conversation about digital in the classroom.

Why is it important to hear from students about

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Vote for “Students Unfiltered” at SXSWedu’s PanelPicker 2016

Cengage Learning has submitted a proposal for a session to take place during SXSWedu 2016. We’re aiming for a lively and informative presentation that brings students—the most important part of the equation—into the spotlight. Through the PanelPicker 2016 process, you can show your support for the idea. We’d appreciate your vote! Our proposed session, “STUDENTS UNFILTERED: Digital in the Classroom,” will seek to understand how technology’s increasingly important role in the classroom impacts students. By asking critical questions, the conversation will help uncover what students want and don’t want from digital and how to best integrate digital tools Read More…

Why Digital: Digital Learning Offers Choices for Any Budget

Education is evolving more rapidly than ever as newer technologies and methods arrive. Just a few years ago, e-readers were not in the hands of many students and online learning wasn’t quite so prevalent. Now students and instructors have more options than ever before. Today, digital and online learning opportunities are abound for college students around the world, even creating chances to learn where there simply may have been none previously. And the future of higher education is only getting brighter.

One stop shop

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Top Reasons for Students to Log Into MindTap

As an instructor, you’ve likely heard about the ways that digital learning solutions can help improve learning outcomes and increase student engagement in your courses. In fact, you may have adopted a solution—and seen the benefits—for yourself. But perhaps you’d like to help your students become more aware of these valuable benefits!

Our new infographic gives a quick overview of why MindTap matters to students’ college education. It shows what students have told us about MindTap and the benefits it offers to their own study habits and success. You’ll also find find other fun facts about today’s college students, including insights about their digital lifestyle of today’s students, reasons why a degree matters to them, and more.

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MindTap Mobile Nominated for the 2015 Bammy EdTech Awards

We’re proud to announce that MindTap Mobile is a nominee for the 2015 Bammy EdTech Awards!

Driven by extensive student feedback, Cengage Learning designed the MindTap Mobile App to allow students to access different features of MindTap from their iOS or Android devices. MindTap, a complete digital learning solution, is Cengage Learning’s flagship learning solution, which demonstrates proven results for improved student success, engagement, and critical thinking skills. Informed by feedback directly from students, the MindTap Mobile App encompasses the features that align with the needs of today’s students.

We’d appreciate your vote and comments! Read and leave your review for MindTap Mobile’s entry to the Bammy EdTech Awards.

Note: before you vote, you must be a registered user on the Bammy EdTech Awards site. Create your account today.

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Join TeamUP for the Wired and Inspired! Mini-Conference

Every educator wants to stay abreast of new teaching practices to benefit their students and now, more than ever, that means working technology into your lesson plan. As with anything new, it’s hard to know where to get started, but that’s where we come in! You’re invited to join TeamUP, a part of Cengage Learning, on Friday, August 14, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST, for Wired & Inspired!, an online mini-conference that will send you back to campus tech savvy and invigorated for the new school year! The mini-conference will include one panel Read More…

Four Tips for a Successful Video Shoot

Shooting a high-quality video can often end up to be a long and tedious task. First-time filmmakers should keep in mind just a few things in order to expedite your film process to make it simple and easy. By following these four tips you will be on the right path for a successful video shoot.
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The Future of Higher Education

Education is now evolving at a more rapid pace than ever. Just a few years ago, e-readers were not in the hands of many students and online learning wasn’t quite so prevalent.

Today, digital and online learning opportunities are abound for college students around the world, even creating chances to learn where there simply may have been none previously. What might the future of higher education look like for college students in three to five years that they don’t have now? Read More…

Teaching with EdTech: Make the Most of Your Experience

Teaching with edtech can be a joy for instructors, as well as students. However, getting from Point A (the desire—or need—to use a new tech tool) to Point B (successful implementation) can prove challenging, especially if you or your colleagues are just getting up to speed. Whether you yourself are new to teaching with edtech, or you have some colleagues who are about to join you on the journey, you’ll enjoy and be engaged by “Chalk and Talk the Edtech Walk,” a panel discussion brought to you by TeamUP, Cengage Learning’s peer-to-peer faculty development group. During this informative and Read More…