Digital Tools Bring Much-Needed Change in Education Affordability

“Students should not have to choose between the results they want and an education they can afford.”

In a new post, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen explores how digital resources can both save students money and provide a more engaging learning experience.

In addition, this new Cengage infographic looks at costs associated with higher education, illustrating real value provided by digital materials. Going digital helps make education more affordable and engaging, propelling all students toward their goals and instilling confidence in their learning experiences—every day.

Digital Tools Bring Needed Change to Education Affordability

How to Achieve Better Learning with Technology

Technology is transforming learning, and institutions considering how to move forward have lots of compelling options. Just as instructors bring diverse experiences and expertise to class, so too do students vary in how they best absorb new knowledge. Smart use of technology can meet the needs of all—student, instructor, administrator—and still improve learning outcomes.

Better Learning Through Technology

Key benefits of a good digital choice will:
    Empower learners to be more engaged and confident in their course material
    Be flexible so instructors can personalize their lectures while also enabling customized student experiences
    Offer convenience and time savings, yet produce superior results

Success Story: Erie

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Why I Write: The Conference on College Composition and Communication

From April 6th through April 9th, the Cengage Learning English Team attended the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in Houston. During CCCC, the Cengage Learning English Team attended sessions, led in-booth demonstrations, ran a Social Media contest, and hosted an event to engage with educators.

Composition educators at in-booth demos appreciated the new MindTap Mobile Handbook, which allows students to access MindTap on the fly. To educators, it’s clear; MindTap is developed with students at the core of what we do. From the research, to the resources to the technology, Cengage Learning believes in the power of writing. Read More…

Engaged with You at the Conference on College Composition and Communication

Are you one of the 84 writing instructors with part-time or adjunct status headed to the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) as a Professional Equity Project (PEP) nominee? If so, we will be seeing you in Houston, Texas, on April 6-9!

Haven’t heard about PEP? Cengage Learning partnered with CCCC to give grants to adjunct instructors that help cover expenses for the annual conference, including paid registration, and a coupon for one CCCC membership.

Don’t forget to stop by Cengage Learning’s Booth 103 on Thursday morning to get your photo taken and pick up your Cengage Learning swag. When you visit with us, we’d love to hear more about your “why.” Why do you do what you do? Why are you an educator for Composition? Why is attending CCCC important to you? Why do YOU write? Read More…

Discovering Digital Learning within Art at CAA 2016

From February 3 to 6, 2016, the Cengage Learning Arts team attended the College Art Association Conference in Washington, D.C., the largest international forum for professionals in the visual arts. From interactive sessions led by distinguished scholars, to informative in-booth demonstrations, to cutting-edge focus groups, this year’s CAA was one for the books.
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Exploring Education at NAEYC

From November 17–20, Cengage Learning attended the NAEYC Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. Cengage Learning had a delightful time with Education professors and students in the booth, in Focus Groups, and at the Award Ceremonies. Many instructors and students attended in-booth demos to learn about our personalized learning platform, MindTap. During one demo, an impressed instructor mentioned how much easier her life was going to be with MindTap. The provided assignments, including scenario-based problems that reflect real-life teaching situations, augment student learning while minimizing the instructors’ work in administering a digital course. Instructors can modify the platform based on Read More…

MindTap Education Helps Teach Tomorrow’s Teachers

Tonya Misuraca teaches courses on guidance and classroom management, activity therapy for special needs children, and exceptional children in the Early Childhood Department at South Carolina’s Trident Technical College. Students can earn certificates in various childhood education-related areas as well as associate of applied science degrees in fields such as child care management and special education.

To support the diverse learning needs of her students as they prepare for their careers, Tonya has used MindTap® Education for two years. Forty percent of Tonya’s hybrid activity therapy course is tied to MindTap. Classes
meet once a week and students complete the rest of the course online. MindTap helps to engage Tonya’s students in active learning, in part by introducing them to what they may encounter in their future professions.
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College Students Avoid Purchasing Costly Course Materials and Fall Behind

Sandy Owen, the program chair for the early childhood department at Cincinnati State College, worried about how many of her students were not fully prepared on the first day of class and would quickly fall behind their fellow classmates. The culprit, according to Owen, is students’ failure to obtain the required course materials prior to the start of class. Unfortunately, the students in Owen’s courses are not alone. One in three students, according to national studies, have delayed purchase of course materials or have chosen not to purchase them at all. The consequences of not having access to pertinent Read More…

Engaging with Teacher-Educators at the 2015 NAEYC Institute

During the NAEYC Professional Development Institute of 2015 held in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 6-10, Cengage Learning celebrated Early Childhood Educators. From in-booth demos of MindTap for Education, to focus-groups, to participating in sessions, and to the MindTap Mardi Gras Launch Party to thank our educators for their service and partnership—Cengage Learning did it all! Joined by experts in the field, we enjoyed engaging presentations and interactive sessions on a wide range of topics: accreditation, wage equality, personal and professional development, and more. In-booth demos proved more exciting than ever as educators realized MindTap Read More…