Using Digital Solutions to Increase Student Engagement

Given their frequent conversations with instructors, Cengage Learning’s Digital Solutions Coordinators often hear about the creative, innovative, and practical ways that instructors are using digital solutions to engage students and increase their success in their courses. We thought you might enjoy learning about some of these ideas for yourself!

Below, you’ll see how several of our Digital Solutions Coordinators’ responses to the question: “What innovative ideas have you heard from instructors that have helped them increase engagement in their classes?” Review the tips and discover some strategies that you might implement in your own course!

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Even More Icebreakers for College Courses!

You let us know loud and clear… You want icebreakers!

In that spirit, we’re sharing three additional icebreakers for college courses, submitted by Cengage Learning Faculty Partners Essie Childers, Mary Margarita Legner, and Solomon Willis. Check out their fun ideas and try them out in your own courses!

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OWLv2 is Key to Meaningful Homework and Better Student Engagement

If variety is the spice of life nowhere is that more evident than inside a university classroom where distractions abound and students can easily find other things to do rather than focus on lectures and concentrate on homework. “I want them to know the homework assignments aren’t just busy work,” said Steven Neal, an organic chemistry professor at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.
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Improving Learning Outcomes Through Data-Driven Decisions

Cengage Learning understands that an engaged learner is a successful one, and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty and student perspective to transform learning through engagement. This transformation is largely driven by data that informs us about the ways that students and instructors are making use of—and achieving better outcomes through—our digital learning solutions. In this video, taken during this year’s EDUCAUSE conference, Cengage Learning’s Chief Technology Officer George Moore discusses how our organization uses data as we transition to becoming a more digitally focused company. He highlights the ways that our data-driven view of how Read More…

Overcoming Graduation Obstacles: Improving Outcomes

For more than a year, Cengage Learning visited community college campuses around the country and conducted interviews with one hundred students in developmental education courses. We learned about the specific barriers that hindered their success, and we also discovered much about the factors that can help them successfully engage in their courses and complete their education.

Our new infographic gives a quick overview of the factors that have an effect on student outcomes in developmental mathematics. We share many of the insights we gained about the obstacles that students face on their journey towards success, including a lack of time, limited access to quality online resources outside of class, and challenges with content retention. You’ll also see what they believe could have a positive impact on their persistence and engagement, such as real-time, interactive, and personalized homework assistance.

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APPlause for APPS! Five Great Apps to Create Meaningful Connections Inside (and Outside) the Classroom

I love technology! I guess if I’m being completely honest, what I really love is the engagement, excitement, and interactivity that technology brings to my college classroom. I’m not talking about the bells and whistles (although that’s fun too), but the true engagement that happens when I utilize a technology that really resonates with my digitally native students, that connects them to each other, and (most importantly) helps them master course content. So, whether you are new to using technology in the classroom or an old technology-pro, here are five of my favorite apps and technologies to engage students Read More…

Podcast: APPlause for APPS: How to Use Apps in the Classroom to Create Meaningful Connections and Engage Students!

Many instructors are interested in using technology to spark student engagement, build collaboration, and increase a sense of connection and community in their courses.

Are you among these instructors? If so, you’ll be interested in the inspiring ideas shared in this podcast. Shawn Orr, Digital Educator at Cengage Learning and adjunct instructor at Adrian College (Adrian, Michigan), discusses how she uses technology in her class to create meaningful connections.

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Ten Steps to ‘A’-ing Accounting

Most students in introductory accounting have not had a course like accounting before. They need some direction or many will flounder. To encourage and give direction to students the at the beginning of his course in introductory accounting, Belverd E. Needles gives his “Ten Steps to ‘A’-ing Accounting.” He goes over these points on the first day of class and refers back to them during the course. He has used this approach for several years and has found that it leads to a higher success rate. Please feel free to use it in your class and let him know how it works.
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Integrating The Benefits of Teamwork and Audience Response Systems (ARS) in an Accounting Classroom

Student participation and satisfaction in the classroom pose a challenge for accounting instructors. Some students often appear uninterested, unprepared, or confused during class, if they attend at all. Instructors must find unique ways to engage students to become active participants during class time to enhance the learning process and increase the comprehension and appreciation of accounting. Many have successfully utilized Audience Response Systems (ARS), also known as clickers. Others have effectively implemented group projects or team activities. This paper examines the combination of using clickers and teamwork in accounting courses over an entire semester.

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Webinar: “Make it Count” Through Assignment

Through colleagues and across campuses, you keep hearing about successes with digital in the classroom.  You’ve heard that students using a digital learning solution increase their final grades by 13% and score 33% better in exams than those who do not.

So, you’ve decided to make the transition to digital.  Great!  But, how do you get students to use it? Or, maybe you’re already using digital, but you want to jumpstart engagement to get those impressive results.

Join us on Thursday, November 19 at 2 PM Eastern for our latest webinar in our “Journey to Digital” series: “‘Make It Count’ through Assignment.”

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