Integrating The Benefits of Teamwork and Audience Response Systems (ARS) in an Accounting Classroom

Student participation and satisfaction in the classroom pose a challenge for accounting instructors. Some students often appear uninterested, unprepared, or confused during class, if they attend at all. Instructors must find unique ways to engage students to become active participants during class time to enhance the learning process and increase the comprehension and appreciation of accounting. Many have successfully utilized Audience Response Systems (ARS), also known as clickers. Others have effectively implemented group projects or team activities. This paper examines the combination of using clickers and teamwork in accounting courses over an entire semester.

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Webinar: “Make it Count” Through Assignment

Through colleagues and across campuses, you keep hearing about successes with digital in the classroom.  You’ve heard that students using a digital learning solution increase their final grades by 13% and score 33% better in exams than those who do not.

So, you’ve decided to make the transition to digital.  Great!  But, how do you get students to use it? Or, maybe you’re already using digital, but you want to jumpstart engagement to get those impressive results.

Join us on Thursday, November 19 at 2 PM Eastern for our latest webinar in our “Journey to Digital” series: “‘Make It Count’ through Assignment.”

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Columbia University Student Focus Group Results

A group of students at Columbia University reviewed the calculus-based textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers, written by Dr. Debora Katz. The students were part of a physics class led by instructor Dr. Jeremy Dodd. Of the sixteen students who submitted survey responses, six are majoring in a type of physics and seven are engineering majors.
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How to Address Three Top Teaching Challenges

If you’ve been teaching for any length of time, you know that every school term has its successes… as well as its challenges.

We recently polled our Engaging Minds audience about their top teaching challenges this semester. Three of their responses rose to the top; below, we’ve shared some tips that can help you overcome these particular challenges and feel more effective and efficient this term.

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Improving Student Outcomes in Economics with MindTap

What goals do you have for your Economics course? Do you want to see improved participation? Improved outcomes? Students in Economics courses are spending more time on their homework and earning better grades when MindTap counts for 20% of their grade.

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Five Advantages of Digital Learning Materials in Intro Spanish

Contributor: Patti Marinelli, University of South Carolina; co-author (with Karin Fajardo) of Conectados. Is the textbook dead? Numerous articles in the popular media cite declining sales of traditional printed textbooks and increasing sales of e-books and e-learning resources. Indeed, on most college campuses these days, you are more likely to find students’ book bags filled with personal electronic devices, water bottles, and energy bars than with traditional textbooks. Of course the textbook itself is only one of the more recent manifestation of humankind’s desire to conserve and transmit information. From clay tablets to papyrus to parchment to paper, the Read More…

Successful Strategies for Creating Online Discussion Prompts

Close your eyes, and picture the most engaging discussion you’ve ever had in a classroom. What characterized that discussion? Was it the participants’ passion and enthusiasm for a particular topic? Was it their energized, but respectful, debate around differing perspectives on a challenging subject? Did they have an open, honest conversation that tied their personal experiences to the broader political, economic, or social issues at hand? Quite possibly, you pictured a combination of all these elements, taking place in one dynamic conversation. Now, consider: how might you transfer those same elements into an online setting? If your course includes an online discussion component, you may asking yourself that very question. What Read More…

The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the “Best” Classes Against the “Worst”

The Today’s Student project by Cengage Learning is based on original research that springs from our company’s commitment to gaining insights directly from students. We surveyed and interviewed 5,000 students—traditional and non-traditional, from four-year and two-year colleges—for their impressions of success, career prospects, technology, courses, and obstacles to achieving academic goals.

In this report, Cengage Learning explores how students define their “best” and “worst” classes and uncovers the criteria that influenced this ranking. Student comments largely spoke to the importance of active learning—using technology to complement instructor interaction.

» Download the whitepaper: “The Not-So-Powerful PowerPoint®: Students Weigh the ‘Best’ Classes against the ‘Worst’”

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Why Digital: Digital Learning Tools Boost Engagement

College students have endless lists of responsibilities, tasks, interests, and activities — all on top of their school work. One way to make sure they’re getting the most out of their college experience is by streamlining class work and making it more engaging for students. But how do you make that happen? Digital! Many students and instructors agree that digital learning tools can help both you and your students get engaged with their coursework.

Success in the classroom

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Engaging with Teacher-Educators at the 2015 NAEYC Institute

During the NAEYC Professional Development Institute of 2015 held in New Orleans, Louisiana from June 6-10, Cengage Learning celebrated Early Childhood Educators. From in-booth demos of MindTap for Education, to focus-groups, to participating in sessions, and to the MindTap Mardi Gras Launch Party to thank our educators for their service and partnership—Cengage Learning did it all! Joined by experts in the field, we enjoyed engaging presentations and interactive sessions on a wide range of topics: accreditation, wage equality, personal and professional development, and more. In-booth demos proved more exciting than ever as educators realized MindTap Read More…