English Composition Efficacy

 Time-Strapped Instructor Searches for Ways to Provide Students with Research Topics and Vetted Resources 

Melanie Claybar, an English teacher at Little Cypress-Mauriceville Consolidated School District, often felt as if her hands were tied. Claybar teaches AP English Language Composition to some of the 1,100 students in the Orange, Texas school district. But she often found herself lacking the resources necessary for her students to create the well-rounded research papers with authoritative sources she expected. “We were just so limited on the topics students could choose,” Claybar said. “I would have to develop a list of topics and identify a collection of websites I knew were credible for students to use. It took a Read More…

First-time MindTap Users Share Best Practices

Cengage Learning wanted to understand the experience of first time MindTap users to identify best practices and opportunities for future improvement. To achieve this, Cengage Learning recruited four instructors and twenty students to participate in a semester-long journaling project for the Fall 2014 who documented their experience with MindTap throughout the semester. Both students and instructors completed bi-monthly journals.

Instructors provided insights on how they and their students were using MindTap’s tools and assignments, as well as what differences they noticed with regard to student engagement. Students provided insights into how they were using MindTap and if they found it beneficial to their studies. The courses taught during this study were English, History, College Success, and Western Civilization.


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The Use of Digital Learning Solutions for English Composition

In today’s ever-evolving educational landscape, it is essential for learning solutions providers to constantly seek out the voice of the instructor when developing content and supporting resources. In creating the new MindTap learning solution for the Composition discipline, Cengage Learning’s goal was to ensure the voice of the Composition instructor informed every decision.

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