Engaged with You at the Conference on College Composition and Communication

Are you one of the 84 writing instructors with part-time or adjunct status headed to the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) as a Professional Equity Project (PEP) nominee? If so, we will be seeing you in Houston, Texas, on April 6-9!

Haven’t heard about PEP? Cengage Learning partnered with CCCC to give grants to adjunct instructors that help cover expenses for the annual conference, including paid registration, and a coupon for one CCCC membership.

Don’t forget to stop by Cengage Learning’s Booth 103 on Thursday morning to get your photo taken and pick up your Cengage Learning swag. When you visit with us, we’d love to hear more about your “why.” Why do you do what you do? Why are you an educator for Composition? Why is attending CCCC important to you? Why do YOU write? Read More…

Are College Students Confident They’ll Achieve Their Goals?

Students enter college with myriad hopes and dreams; these might include learning a specialized skill or a particular body of knowledge, obtaining a promising and rewarding career, or gaining a sense of personal achievement. Though many may complete college with the sense that they’re successful, others will admit that they’ve struggled to achieve or accomplish all that they’d hoped.

In our recent white paper, “Students to Colleges: Get Us Work-Ready!,” we explore how the college experience compared to student expectations. Among many topics, we asked students to tell us whether or not they feel confident in their ability to successfully achieve their own goals.

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Assignment Idea: Engage Students in Culture with Digital Media

We understand it is important for educators to relate course concepts to the outside world.  Highlighting aspects of current events and popular culture can make this connection and show students the value and importance of such concepts in the real-world and their own day-to-day lives.  Perhaps you have considered using, or already use, digital learning tools to help students forge these connections and better understand course subject matter. One idea for using digital, along with current events or popular culture, to engage students in learning comes from instructor Aiyda Evans at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. In her Read More…

SXSWedu 2016 – Next Generation Digital Learning

In a state where everything is bigger, SXSWedu followed suit in 2016 by not only getting bigger, but even better and more diverse. This year was unique for Cengage Learning as we were able to join our new innovation partners from Learning Objects in two truly enlightening sessions on Innovative Layered Design and Next Generation Learning Experiences.

A better, stronger future

Chief Learning Officer, Jon Mott made bold statements to the audience during his discussion on how Next Generation Learning Experiences can build a better, stronger future for students. Bill Hughes, Chief Strategy Officer, enlightened the crowd with his instruction on how Read More…

Adapting Tech Support to Today’s College Students

The idea of a “typical” day in the life of a college student is becoming increasingly difficult to grasp. Between extracurricular activities, work, commutes, and family obligations, a college student’s realm extends well beyond academics. Therefore, it’s no surprise that study habits look remarkably different than they have in the past. With all of the demands on students’ time, the days of spending hours on end studying in the library are becoming increasingly scarce. We interviewed over a thousand students and only 19% of students actually even study in the library. However, with average study times ranging between 1.5 to Read More…

College Internships Work for Students

College internships present numerous benefits. For one, they give students the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in their courses within a real-world job setting. In addition, students can gain practical experience that they can add to their resume, as well as valuable insights and advice from their supervisors. Some interns receive another key benefit: a job offer upon graduation.

All this being said: Do college students believe that the opportunity for internships contributes to their satisfaction with the college experience?
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Share Stories of Student Collaboration with Digital and Win!

How do you encourage student collaboration in a digital environment? Share your story of successful student teamwork with your peers in our Make It Count contest. You could win excellent prizes, including a $100 gift card now and a paid trip to a national conference later.

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Teachable Moments: The Value of Five Minutes

Guest Contributor: Essie Childers, professor of student success and developmental reading at Blinn College Five minutes equals three hundred seconds. I pondered for a moment to make a list of how many things I do that would only take five minutes. The list was quite extensive. To name a few, you can check a few emails, make a phone call, grade one or two objective tests, or photocopy a few papers. Looking over the brief list above, it takes about five minutes to do each task.  What if you had a five-minute, personal conversation with each of your students?

Five-minute exit interview

Near the end of the Read More…

2016 NAWB Forum: Technology for Workforce Development

Cengage Learning Joins Business Leaders at the 2016 NAWB Forum to Discuss Technology Solutions for Workforce Development Cengage Learning will join other business leaders at the 2016 National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) Annual Forum in Washington D.C. to discuss ways to support and contribute to ongoing workforce development efforts. The Forum convenes workforce, education and economic development professionals to address solutions to keep America competitive. At this year’s conference, Cengage Learning’s participation includes demos of new resources for NAWB members, presentations of information on online learning for Career Centers and discussions around online high school diploma programs to help Read More…

Activate Digital Tools for Midterms

Spring midterm season is upon us! If you’re using a digital Cengage Learning product in your classroom, hopefully all of your students have already activated their digital materials as needed for their classwork. But every semester, there may be some that continue to put it off. As midterms and finals approach, help your students get the most out of their materials by reminding them to activate all of their digital products if they haven’t done so already.

Activate digital

    Better grades: with the use of additional study tools and highlight and reading tools, students will quickly have a leg up on those who put off activating
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