Making the Most of Your Spring Break

Though college students might be traveling home, gearing up for a ski trip, or heading to sunnier climes for spring break, are instructors’ plans much different?

The Engaging Minds blog recently posted a poll in which we asked: Instructors, how do you plan to spend your spring break? Below, we’ve shared the top responses, and offered some tips that will help you make the most of your time!

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Student Insights on MindTap in the Classroom

What do you think your students expect from their digital learning tools and materials? Certainly, you have your own opinions on what works and what doesn’t. But what about students? What gets them motivated, engaged, and most importantly — what gets results? We spoke with college students to learn more about their experiences using MindTap. We asked about grades, accessibility, critical thinking, and outcomes. In the following videos, you’ll hear many of their responses. For some, it’s about getting detailed feedback on their performance every step of the way. Many students enjoy the helpful features such as a digital textbook for search, online flashcards, Read More…

It’s More than JUST “Flipping the Class”

Using the terms “flipped” and “model” in Flipped Model can cause would-be newcomers to this style of teaching and learning to dismiss trying it out because they simply do not have the time to try another new thing. During this webinar, Damon Givehand, Digital Educator at Cengage Learning, discusses what this approach really offers, so you can determine for yourself if it is worth giving a shot in your own course!
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College Students’ Research Practices

If you’re continually getting papers turned in at the last minute and poorly researched, it may be that students are unsure of the amount of work that must go into writing a polished research paper. To find out where students might be confused or cutting corners, we recently surveyed thousands of college students asking, “On average, how much time do you think it’ll take you to find citable sources when assigned a paper or presentation?”

Research time

Given the options of “Less than 1 hour,” “1–2 hours,” “3–5 hours,” “5+ hours,” we discovered that the majority (47%) of college students think it Read More…

EdTech: Engaging Students, Increasing Productivity, and Impacting Success

Contributor: Greg Rivera, Senior Digital Educator at Cengage Learning.

We can’t deny that technology is here to stay. But that is definitely not a bad thing! In fact, using educational technology can help engage students, improve retention and help students succeed. There are several educational technologies (including free or almost free ones) that can help you with these endeavors.
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Could the Maker Movement Solve Classroom Challenges?

Our culture’s obsession with innovation and the breakneck speed of technological progress has created opportunities for learning and exploration that we couldn’t even dream of years ago. Unfortunately, for all of our recent cultural focus on the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, we still face challenges in teaching these subjects in the classroom, as our country’s place in world STEM rankings demonstrates. If we are to continue competing in STEM fields, we need to prepare the next generation for success by instilling them with the qualities and skills they’ll need to succeed—grit, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving.

We need to teach them how to be Makers.

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Three Easy Ways to Create a Video for College Courses

Perhaps you want to submit a video in the Make It Count contest—or, perhaps you want to post a short video message to students in your course LMS or digital platform… but, you are worried that it would take too much time or that it’s too complicated of a process.

Fortunately, filming a video is a lot more convenient than it used to be. And, as far as the video contest, there are no high-tech requirements. In a short amount of time and with easily accessible equipment, you can connect with your students and your peers through video.
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Join Cengage Learning at SXSWedu 2016

As SXSWedu approaches, we are looking forward to seeing many of you in Austin for what promises to be an informative, eye-opening, and fun conference.

While we’re there, we’ll be hosting three unique sessions designed to inform and inspire you. We would love to see you there!

We also welcome you to follow and join the conversation on social media! Use #SXSWDigEdu for our conversation about “Students Unfiltered,” and use #SXSWeduLO for the discussions on “Authentic Capability Transcripts” and “Innovation Without Compromise,” featuring leaders from Learning Objects.

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Executive News in Higher Ed Newsletter: February 2016

When Implementing Competency-Based Education, Software Infrastructure is Key

Over six hundred institutions currently use some form of Competency Based Education (CBE), but the definition of CBE is still speculative as is its impact on the revolution of Higher Ed. At LearnLaunch 2016, thought leaders strategized on what infrastructure is needed to ensure successful implementation of these new innovative models.

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College Success Advice from Students

Do you know how your students manage the pressures and responsibilities of their college courses? In a recent survey of thousands of college students, we asked students, “After completing assigned coursework, what else do you do to ensure college success?”

#1 Review lecture notes

Most college students appear to appreciate the value of taking good notes during class lectures. In fact, 83% of our college respondents told us they review their lecture notes from class sessions to ensure success in their classes. Author Ginny Gaylor explains in her article, “How to pay attention in class—tips for college students” on the Read More…