What’s Ahead for Edtech: Cengage Learning Leaders Weigh In

What might be the ultimate impact of today’s trends, insights, and innovations on the students in your classroom? And, what can you do to ensure that the technology you use has a positive effect on student engagement, outcomes, and success?

As an educator in today’s environment, we’re sure you ponder these questions from time to time—if not all the time. We recently asked several members of Cengage Learning’s leadership team to give us their thoughts on the top edtech trends. See what they had to say below!
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Tips for Students: Take Advantage of Campus Career Help

Most of us don’t really worry about seeking help before we have a problem. But when you’re planning to join the workforce for the very first time, you may not know what you don’t know. It’s brand new! For that reason, it’s important to discover all of the career resources available to you before it’s too late to utilize them. It’s never too early to meet with your assigned counselor to start asking for career help. Meeting with your counselor or heading straight to the career center, if your school has one, are two great ways to start.

Career options

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Use Digital to Teach Current Events? Show Us How and Win!

How do you bring current events into the college classroom? Do you have a digital assignment that incorporates popular culture? In our Make It Count contest, you have the opportunity to share how you use digital learning tools to engage students in current events for a chance at great prizes.

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College Students Reveal Where They Begin Research

Do you know how your students work through a research assignment? From a recent survey of thousands of college students, we discovered that the majority (47%) of students think it takes only “1–2 hours to find citable sources” for their research paper. We also asked instructors what they recommend, and naturally, the majority felt this was too little time spent researching. So where do they begin that is so efficient it only takes an hour or two?

Research process

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Summer Reading List: American Novels from the Revolution

The US Constitution was written during the Philadelphia Convention—now known as the Constitutional Convention—which convened from May 25 to September 17, 1787, when it was ultimately signed. Whether you choose to celebrate this weekend or simply relax, find some time to curl up with a book that was written or took place around the American Revolution.

Here are a few recommendations from our partners at Questia. You can easily view them in full with a free trial, and you can even read on the go with Questia’s iOS app. Happy Independence Day!

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