Tips for Students: Top Study Habits

For every college student that has established good study habits, there is another who needs help with how to study in college. We’ve compiled some study strategies that should assist you in achieving your goals and objectives, no matter the course.

Assessing your study habits

A key area for any college student in the quest to obtain good study habits is time management and motivation. If these are areas that you struggle in, they should be at the top of your goals and objectives list to tackle. After all, how to study in college really begins with the understanding of Read More…

How to Write Effective Exam Questions for College Students

True or false? Multiple choice? Long-form essay? What is the best strategy for creating exam questions? When you’re designing an exam, consider what you want to be able to gauge in your college students’ knowledge in order to choose the best types of questions to measure their learning. There are benefits and disadvantages to any type of question, so consider these exam tips when deciding what teaching strategies to employ when you create your exam.

Difficulty creating or difficulty grading?

In McKeachie’s Teaching Tips, Fourteenth Edition, Wilbert J. McKeachie and Marilla Svnicki noted that exams have two pieces that Read More…

6 Ways to Help College Students Prepare for Final Exams

College instructors play a significant role in preparing their students for final exams. For example, before finals week, teachers can conduct a review session, go over questions from the midterm exam, and set up a study room. Read on to learn what review strategies might work best for your students.

Conduct a review session

A review class before the final exam is a good time to make sure students are on track and concentrating on the right material. Let the students know what is important information they should retain from this course. You could go over pertinent presentations and can also Read More…

Tips for Students: Apply Critical Thinking Skills During Final Exams

Critical thinking skills help college students reason through content. Final exams are conducted primarily to assess this reasoning process and your overall knowledge and retention of important facts and processes from the course studied. However, exams are filled not only with memorization of facts and figures, but also of thought processes, problem-solving, deductions, and inferences based on previously presented or known information. During finals week, make sure to utilize your critical thinking skills to prove that you’ve mastered the concepts.

Students can practice critical thinking

Critical thinking involves developing the ability to understand and articulate concepts that describe how the world works. Students Read More…

Top Test-taking Tips for College Students

How many times has your lecture been interrupted by a student asking, “Will this be on the test?” Unnerving as the question may be, it does demonstrate that the student is thinking ahead to the test. Though their focus may be short-sighted, you can nonetheless use their motivation to teach your students how to prepare for the test and then deal with different testing formats such as objective or essay exams.

Preparing for exams

In her book, Orientation to College Learning, 7th Edition, Dianna L. Van Blerkom addressed how students can master necessary college skills such as preparing for Read More…

Tips for Students: How to Study with 5, 3, or 1 Day Until the Exam

Spring has sprung and the semester is nearly over, which means final exams are finally here. While creating a solid study plan over several days is considered the best practice, sometimes life happens, and students need to fit a week’s worth of studying into a few days, or even just one night. With that in mind, here are three study plans students can use no matter how much (or little) time they have.

Steps for every study plan

In her text Essential Study Skills, 8th ed, author Linda Wong outlines the process for creating a study plan that all students Read More…

Tips for Students: Studying for Finals on Thanksgiving Break

For students who need extra study time, and those who just can’t get enough, Thanksgiving Break is a good chance to review materials in a more relaxing setting. Studying for finals takes time and patience. Waiting until the week of finals to begin is a sure-fire recipe for disaster, not to mention stress.

Get a head start

Most of the time, your final exams are going to be comprehensive of all or most of the semester. This makes studying for the test nearly impossible to do in just a few days. Save yourself some undue stress by starting on it slowly. Read More…