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Tips for Students: When Your Final Grade Depends on Group Work

Working in a group is a challenge, sometimes, whether you are a college student or an adult in the workforce. Not to put even more pressure on you, but what if your final grade depends on that group work? You can handle it and even do well if you use these tips for working on a group project.

Why group work?

If your instructor has assigned a group project, most likely it is because they want to reinforce communication and collaboration—both are valuable skills for college students to take out into the real world. But what if your fellow students Read More…

Tips for College Students: Surviving Group Project Work

At some point during your time on campus all college students will be asked to take part in a group project. Working together can be a challenge, but it also can be a very rewarding experience. Read on to learn some tips for making the most of your group project experience.

Working together as a team

Collaborating on a group project as college students is a great way to gain some experience and insight into how to collaborate—something that will serve you well in your future career. Of course, some people will make better teammates than others. Unfortunately, you may Read More…

The Benefit of a Study Group and Other Support Systems

Collaboration is a great skill for college students to learn and practice. Joining or creating a study group is an easy way to experience the benefit of your peers’ knowledge. These kinds of support systems, whether in the form of other students, your family, or your professors, can be an invaluable resource for college students.

Creating your study group

It might be tempting for college students to create a study group with their friends and view their meetings as a time to hang out. To truly get the benefit of a study group, you should treat it as much more Read More…

How to Orchestrate Group Projects in the College Classroom

Some college students dread group projects. Depending on others and working as a team can require more time investment from some students, and can challenge students who have different work strategies and study habits. But there are many benefits of group work, including developing the soft skills required for a student to become a team player. Working in groups is a necessary skill to develop for college students who will be entering the working world, and there are many benefits to orchestrating group projects in your curriculum.

Benefits of group work

Group work can be stressful, but ultimately valuable, for college Read More…

College Student Engagement in Study Sessions

Studying is essential for college students to remember facts, understand material and get the most out of their education. Yet there aren’t courses in studying. Teachers can take up the slack if students are exhibiting poor study skills. Within lesson plans, before or after class and in office visits, teachers can encourage student engagement in study sessions. If you’re considering creating a new study session for students in your class, here are some classroom ideas to develop essential study skills and strategies on how to study for a test. Students may be stressing over their preparedness for class and Read More…