History Success Stories

Pathbrite Engages Students in Learning History and Practical Technology Skills

Institutions and instructors are rapidly trying to find new ways to effectively engage their students in an evolving world of technology.  While many educators see the value in technology, it’s how the technology is put to use that makes the greatest impact on learners. California State University, Fresno instructor Melissa Jordine wanted to promote active learning that would motivate students, enable their success, and help them build modern-day skills.  Read about how Dr. Jordine was able to accomplish it all. Like many colleagues, Dr. Jordine has been using technology for years but was seeking an alternative method to Read More…

MindTap® for History Increases Critical Thinking and Improves Outcomes at Oklahoma State University

Michelle McCargish is a history instructor at Western New Mexico University, and also recently taught an online section of an American History survey course at Oklahoma State University. The only online instructor of the course (History 1103), Michelle
wanted to use a digital learning solution that provided good online supplements and was easy to use in the online classroom environment. After reviewing several solutions, Michelle decided to pilot MindTap® in the spring of 2014.

Michelle noticed immediately one key advantage of MindTap — how easily her students were able to navigate the interface. In addition to a user-friendly interface, Michelle found that integrating MindTap into her course’s LMS allowed for a streamlined integration experience for her and her students.

What’s more, Michelle found that MindTap’s exercises and assignments were effective at reaching students with different learning styles and encouraging critical thinking. Additionally, Michelle saw evidence of increased levels of student engagement using MindTap when grading the course midterm.

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An Experienced Instructor Switches to Aplia™ and is Able to ‘Teach at a Higher Level’

Bill Carroll has taught Microeconomics of the Service Industry more than twenty times at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. Over the past nine years, he has traditionally taught the course with a printed textbook, but after a colleague told him that Aplia was a good resource, he decided to try it.

Aplia, which is fully integrated with the text Carroll uses, includes comprehensive online interactive problem sets, analyses, tutorials, experiments, and critical-thinking exercises to give students hands-on application, which is part of what makes it so attractive to Carroll. Based on discovery learning, Aplia requires students to take an active role in the learning process—helping them improve their economic understanding and ability to relate to the economic concepts presented. Read More…

Ninteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) Improves Engagement in Lucy Morrison’s Literature Class

Dr. Morrison teaches a 300 level course at Salisbury University in Salisbury, MD, called Literature of a Decade. “It is a course that any Literature instructor can teach, and I was teaching it from a British Romantic perspective. I wanted students to use more than a text in isolation,” said Dr. Morrison. One of her primary goals is to have the literary, social, and historical background on a topic. She used Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) in class, and students were required to use it in writing a research paper. Each of them had to do an oral presentation and write-up on the months of their birthdays and the year that was assigned to them by Dr. Morrison. “For example,” Dr. Morrison elaborated “the King losing his head – how was that reported in January 1793? What was the media saying? What was of interest to the students that happened during their birthday month?” Read More…

Using Aplia, Verdis Robinson’s American History Students Analyze Lessons from the Past

If you teach American History, you may recognize the challenge of helping students to develop their ability to think analytically, draw conclusions, and go beyond memorization of facts and figures. If so, read this Success Story featuring Verdis Robinson of Monroe Community College (Rochester, NY), which shows how he used Aplia in his American History course to facilitate his students’ contextualization and analysis of course material, encourage active participation in the classroom, and demonstrate the significance of the individuals and events he covers in his course. Read More…

MindTap Helps History Students at Arkansas Tech University Improve Their Mindset and Grades

Some students approach U.S. History courses with eagerness about the topic—while others need added motivation and study-skill development in order to make it through the class. How can you help all your students engage with the subject matter and become more enthusiastic about what they’re studying? Discover how Dr. Carey Roberts used MindTap to engage students in active learning opportunities, encourage efficient study and review of course material, and ultimately see improved grades in a United States History class at Arkansas Tech University.

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