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Quick Tips for Staying Active Over Winter Break

Staying active over winter break isn’t just for college students—these healthy tips are great for undergrads, teaching assistants, and profs alike. If you’re having trouble finding ways to stay active, especially after the holidays, consider trying out at least one of these ideas to keep your body moving between semesters.

Healthy tips

Oregon State University’s Recreation and Sports department website gives examples of ways to stay active in the article, “8 Healthy Tips for Winter Break.” Here are a few ideas the contributors recommended:
    At home workouts, use body weight. You can do tricep pushups from your couch—and if you’re
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Summertime: Why You’re So Hot and How To Stay Cool

If it seems like it has become harder and harder to deal with summer’s extreme weather, you may be on to something. No matter what you believe is behind climate change, the fact is that we have seen temperatures increasing in recent years. Fortunately, there are some simple actions you can take to stay cool. Learn what’s making you feel so hot and how you can survive summertime’s hottest days.

Why do you feel so hot?

Understanding why hot weather affects you may help you beat the heat or provide an anecdote to share with your colleagues as you sit around sweating. C. Donald Ahrens explained in Read More…

Making the Most of Your Spring Break

Though college students might be traveling home, gearing up for a ski trip, or heading to sunnier climes for spring break, are instructors’ plans much different?

The Engaging Minds blog recently posted a poll in which we asked: Instructors, how do you plan to spend your spring break? Below, we’ve shared the top responses, and offered some tips that will help you make the most of your time!

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Wishing You the Best in 2016

We at Cengage Learning’s Engaging Minds blog wish you all the best in 2016!

We’d also like to thank you for visiting and reading the Engaging Minds blog in 2015. We’ve enjoyed your comments and feedback, and we hope to see you again throughout 2016!
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Charity and Volunteering: Giving Back This Winter

Are you looking for a way to give back this time of year? You can improve your community and even discover new interests by volunteering your time this winter. When you give to a cause you feel passionately about, you’ll feel that you’ve gained as much as you’ve given. Need a few hints and a nudge to get things started? Try our tips for how to start giving back to those in need.

Start your search

When you’re ready to get started, you can start looking online for volunteer options in your city. Try a website dedicated to volunteering, like There, you can Read More…

How to Keep Your Mind Active Over Winter Break

Finals are finished, grading is done. You’re due for some much deserved me-time over winter break. Whether learning a new skill or just reading a book that’s not on your own syllabus, try these helpful tips for stimulating your mind while enjoying winter vacation.

Read for fun

What a novel concept! You’ve certainly earned a break from exclusively reading materials from your own courses. It’s time to pick up a book that isn’t required reading. Our partners at Questia offer a simple e-reader and even has a wide selection of free books. Questia’s library has over 5,000 public domain, classic and rare books that Read More…

How To Stay Active Over Winter Break

December may seem like the perfect month to forget your New Year’s resolutions from last year. And if you’re in a cold climate, your main objective may simply be to get from one place to another without your ears and toes freezing.

But those who do find time to exercise throughout the winter often find themselves with higher energy levels throughout the day, allowing them to stay motivated to achieve their goals. If fall semester wore you down, winter vacation is the perfect chance to get back to your goals.  Try these simple tips for getting active over winter break. Read More…

Tips for Students: Classic Holiday Reads for Winter Vacation

One sure-fire way to unwind during your winter break is to finally pick up a book that isn’t school work. Below, you’ll find a couple holiday classics from Charles Dickens and Washington Irving, as well as a holiday mystery from W. Somerset Maugham. You’ll also find a few classic fiction novels you’ve probably been meaning to read for ages.
As a gift to our readers, we’re sharing these complete stories online for free through our partners at the Questia library. You can even view them on the go with the Questia App. Enjoy!

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Tips for Students: How to De-stress Over Winter Break

Winter break provides a much-needed opportunity to unwind from the stress of finals. And after a long, challenging semester, students and instructors both deserve it! Share these de-stressing tips with your students before they head out for winter break or try them for yourself.

Yoga and other exercise

The beauty of yoga is that it can help your body and mind in many different ways. You can try a “yoga for relaxation” class or you can get your heart pumping with strength and cardio variations. Either or both may be just what you need to clear your mind and even warm you up Read More…

Summer Reading List: American Novels from the Revolution

The US Constitution was written during the Philadelphia Convention—now known as the Constitutional Convention—which convened from May 25 to September 17, 1787, when it was ultimately signed. Whether you choose to celebrate this weekend or simply relax, find some time to curl up with a book that was written or took place around the American Revolution.

Here are a few recommendations from our partners at Questia. You can easily view them in full with a free trial, and you can even read on the go with Questia’s iOS app. Happy Independence Day!

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