Calculus Student Upped Her Game with WebAssign

Alicia Colon, Sophomore at the University of Central Florida, loves the immediate feedback and personalized features in WebAssign for Calculus, as they’re perfectly tailored to her homework needs.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Alicia needed problem-specific help to improve understanding and complete homework assignments on time.

Solution: WebAssign for Calculus

Result: WebAssign enables multiple attempts on questions and gives instant feedback on wrong answers, reinforcing skills and helping Rebecca learn from her mistakes; she attributes her A to WebAssign

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Practice Makes Perfect for Calculus Student Using WebAssign

Rebecca Caro, Freshman at Florida State University, achieved much in her Calculus class with the practice and guidance she found in WebAssign from Cengage.

Student Success Story

Challenge: Rebecca had a difficult calculus course, needing lots of practice and guidance outside of class

Solution: WebAssign for Calculus

Result: WebAssign enabled Rebecca to work at her own pace, practice as much as she wanted and get problem-specific help from video solutions and tutorials; she was pleased with her B

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Curriculum Development: Assigning Homework on the First Day

College instructors often debate the value (or harm) of assigning homework to college students on the first day of class. The general consensus is that it depends on the teacher and the subject matter. There is no right or wrong answer. Some teachers present an overview of the class syllabus, while others assign homework online due for the first day or assigned on the first day. In her book Curriculum in Context, 1st ed., Leigh Chiarelott said, “Many educators and parents argue that homework teaches students responsibility, time management skills, goal-setting strategies, and study skills, and these arguments are Read More…