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How to Set Up and Use ConnectYard within MindTap

MindTap offers apps that help you collaborate, share, study and practice for teaching and learning. ConnectYard is an app meant for all of these things. Let’s check it out!

This video provides you with an overview of the basics of using ConnectYard within MindTap. You’ll see how to set up your “yard,” how students can interact with ConnectYard activities through their preferred means of communication (including their social media accounts), how to invite guest “speakers” to your course through ConnectYard, how to use ConnectYard for small-group work, and more!

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How to Add Video to the MindTap Learning Path

Are you familiar with MindTap’s Learning Path? Now, take a look at how you can add existing content and your own content, such as videos, activities, assignments, videos, and web links.

This video walks you through the process of adding video, web links, activities, flashcards, RSS feeds, and more to your own MindTap course.

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How to Customize Your MindTap Learning Path

One of the great things about MindTap is that, because of the unique learning path, it’s already set up to be used as is. But, you may want to customize the Learning Path to fit the unique needs of your particular course.

In this video, we show you how to hide, unhide, move, and reorder items in the MindTap Learning Path. You’ll see how easy it is to customize MindTap for your course!

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How to Customize and Create Units in MindTap

Have you already already personalized your MindTap course? Now, take a few extra steps to customize and create units in MindTap!

In this video, we’ll show you how you can rename units and items. We’ll also create some new units and folders in your learning path. These helpful tips will help you make a MindTap course that’s truly personalized to the particular needs of your course.
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How to Use MindTap Assignment Apps

This video provides you with a brief overview of MindTap Assignment Apps. Learn how to manage the activities and assignments within MindTap through the Assignment Apps. You can change options, change settings, and more.

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How to Share Content in MindTap

Want to learn more about the features and functionality of MindTap?

In this video we’re going to look at some MindApps that allow you and your students to share content or presentations. You’ll learn about RSS feeds, MindTap’s MyContent App, and YouSeeU, which allows students to create and share video presentations.

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MindTap Tips: How to Use MindApps

In this video, we review the MindApps within MindTap. Think of MindApps as apps or buttons that are very similar to what you see on your smartphone or tablet.

MindApps have a variety of purposes: some are assignment apps, some are sharing apps, some are collaboration apps that allow discussion, and others are study tools that enhance students’ learning experience. This video focuses on the study tools, which are specifically designed to support the student experience in MindTap. Learn about the dictionary, flashcards, the “My Notes” section, and more.

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MindTap Reader: How to Make the Most of the MindTap eBook

Let’s talk about the customizable, interactive MindTap eBook. This certainly is not the flat, one-dimensional experience that we think of as eBooks. MindTap’s eBook provides a very interactive way to get our students involved with learning tools that will help them be successful.

This video shows you the MindTap Reader in action. See the various ways that you and your students can make the most of the MindTap Reader in your course!

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How to Use the MindTap Progress App

In this video, we’re going to look MindTap’s Progress App. This app is so much more than just a gradebook because it also gives you an overview of students’ interaction with and progress on the graded activities in the class. The best part about this app is the Engagement Tracker within the Analytics tab. Let’s take a look!

This video walks you through the various features of the Progress App. Learn how to use the app to better understand students’ understanding of course content. Learn how to use the gradebook, the analytics tab, and more.

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How to Collaborate and Share Content in the MindTap eBook

Within the MindTap eBook, there are a number of apps that focus on collaborating, sharing, studying and practicing.

This video provides you with an introduction to these apps—such as the homework app, the flashcard app, the ReadSpeaker app, the RSS feed, and the My Notes app—and how you and your students can use them within the eBook.

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