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Pass Rates Rise with MindTap in Tech Course at Community College of Baltimore County

Renuka Kumar teaches Computer Science and Information Technology at the Community College of Baltimore Country in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her colleagues recently redesigned the course to bring it up to date, adding new material on collaboration, mobile devices, and emerging technologies. The course learning resource that the department was using at the time didn’t cover all the necessary new topics, so a search ensued for a better option.

In evaluating possible new solutions, department decision-makers had several criteria. First, they wanted a product that would be easy to use by students and instructors. The ability to integrate with the college’s Blackboard learning management system (LMS), something that wasn’t possible with the existing product, was also on the wish list.
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EDUCAUSE 2014: Our Top Five Hot Topics to Watch

As EDUCAUSE 2014 approaches, our excitement grows ever stronger. The atmosphere always energizes us, and gets us even more enthusiastic about the ways we can work together to transform the learning experience for today’s students. Before we pack our bags, we’ve been scanning the schedule, and we’ve noted some of our “topics to watch” at the conference. We’ve shared them below. What topics are you going to follow and engage with at EDUCAUSE 2014? Let us know in the comments!

Hot Topics in IT and Education—Covered at EDUCAUSE 2014

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EdTech Roundup: Smart Watches; Laptops in Class; LMS Trends

Want some tips for implementing edtech in your classroom? Today, we’re discussing how the Apple Watch, tablets, and LMS best practices could help your students get even more out their classroom experience.

Apple® Updates Your Students

Communities around the globe tuned in to learn about Apple’s recent updates to the iPhone. Whether you feel the latest technology will impact you or not, might it begin to impact the lives of your students, or even their education? Along with making the phone slightly larger in size, making it better for videos and research, Apple also released the Apple Watch™. While this may seem Read More…

Student Perspectives on the Course Experience: Trends

As an instructor, you can choose among a variety of teaching methods and strategies that suit your course topic, support student learning—and, ideally, foster student engagement. From the traditional lecture format, to hands-on activities and labs, to technology-enhanced, online learning environments, you can use the method that best meets your goals, satisfies your objectives, and communicates your course’s content.

But have you ever wondered which teaching methods students favor in their course experience, and which they find most effective? We recently asked hundreds of students to share their preferences; below, we’ll examine their responses. Read More…

Do College Students Find Their LMS Beneficial?

In our recent post, “How Do Instructors Use Their LMS,” we shared the many ways that instructors find their Learning Management Systems beneficial to their courses. But do college students see the benefits as well? In a recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, students who reported using an LMS were asked to share whether or not they find their LMS beneficial to their classroom experience and why. The vast majority of students find that, yes, their LMS is beneficial to their classroom experience. 58% say it keeps them engaged with the materials and connected to their class. Another 54% say Read More…

How Do Instructors Use Their Course LMS?

Though you will find a Learning Management System (LMS) in use at many institutions around the country, individual instructors do use their course LMS in different ways and for different purposes. In fact, if you’re using one in your own course, you have likely already discovered that you and your colleagues in different departments set up and manage your course LMS in a different manner, too. In a recent survey conducted by Cengage Learning, instructors revealed the ways that they commonly use their course LMS. The top three responses:

    77% use the LMS to track students’ grades.
    77% post the course syllabus to the LMS.
    71% post course
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MindLinks — The New Rules of LMS Content Integration

The quality and quantity of publisher-provided content has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, since the introduction of academic learning management systems (LMS) in the 1990s. Today’s professors expect a wide range of digital content that can be quickly and easily loaded into the LMS.

See how some publishers are leveraging LMS standards to provide instructors with the ability to customize content and achieve gradebook integration within the LMS. Read More…

The Seven Attributes of Modern LMS Content Integration

The latest generation of homework solutions and other course content from publishers is more flexible and tightly integrated with the Learning Management System (LMS) environment than ever before, thanks to the IMS Global Consortium’s LTI standard — and the efforts of publishers and LMS vendors to extend the standard. A new whitepaper, The New Rules of LMS Content Integration, explores this topic in detail. Here is an excerpt from the paper — a list of what to look for when reviewing offerings from publishers and LMS vendors:

    Single sign-on: Instructors and class participants should not be required
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