Make it Count

Congratulations to the Winners of the Make It Count Contest!

Throughout this spring we received great videos of instructors across the country sharing the ways that they make it count with digital tools. Some encourage classmate collaboration while some foster critical thinking and others involve social media, but all utilize digital resources in unique and compelling ways to engage students in learning. The votes are in, and we are thrilled to announce these three winners of the Make It Count contest:

First Place

Aiyda Evans, Morgan State University

In her Introduction to Sociology course, Aiyda uses YouTube to present music videos from around the world to incite student discussion around Read More…

Assignment Idea: Nurture Collaboration and Campus Appreciation with Digital

Group assignments offer students the chance to experience variety in assignments, break free of comfort zones, maybe make new friends, and ultimately learn how to successfully collaborate with peers who have a common goal. In Michelle Davidson’s Business Professional Writing course at The University of Toledo, the common goal was an assignment:  to create a digital field guide to campus.  Students were tasked to work in groups and use WordPress to create a digital field guide showcasing an element of campus life.  This assignment required students to compose appropriate, descriptive copy and illustrate their ideas with visual images.  Responses Read More…

Announcing the Make It Count Contest Semi-Finalists: Vote for a Winner Now!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Make It Count contest! We are pleased to announce the ten-semifinalists of the Make It Count instructor video contest. This contest asked college instructors to submit a video sharing their favorite digital assignment and how it engages students in learning. Now, you have the chance to vote for the winners! We have been blown away by the tremendous number of submissions full of fantastic ideas for using digital resources to make it count in the classroom. We’ve heard from instructors across the country and across the curriculum, from Computer Science Read More…

Assignment Idea: Engage Students in Culture with Digital Media

We understand it is important for educators to relate course concepts to the outside world.  Highlighting aspects of current events and popular culture can make this connection and show students the value and importance of such concepts in the real-world and their own day-to-day lives.  Perhaps you have considered using, or already use, digital learning tools to help students forge these connections and better understand course subject matter. One idea for using digital, along with current events or popular culture, to engage students in learning comes from instructor Aiyda Evans at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. In her Read More…

Share Stories of Student Collaboration with Digital and Win!

How do you encourage student collaboration in a digital environment? Share your story of successful student teamwork with your peers in our Make It Count contest. You could win excellent prizes, including a $100 gift card now and a paid trip to a national conference later.

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Activity Idea: Teaching Critical Thinking with Social Media

In your work as an instructor, you undoubtedly encourage your students to think critically about the topics and issues you cover in your class—and those that they encounter in the world around them. Given that students (and perhaps you!) enjoy social media, you may be thinking about using social media as a means of teaching students valuable critical thinking skills. We know that you enjoy reading about other instructors’ teaching ideas, so we’d like to share this great idea from Melody Niesen of the University of Central Missouri. In this video, Melody describes her strategy for teaching critical thinking Read More…

Use Digital to Teach Current Events? Show Us How and Win!

How do you bring current events into the college classroom? Do you have a digital assignment that incorporates popular culture? In our Make It Count contest, you have the opportunity to share how you use digital learning tools to engage students in current events for a chance at great prizes.

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How Do You Use Digital Tools to Teach Critical Thinking?

How do you use digital assignments to foster students’ critical thinking skills? Share a digital assignment that sparks critical thinking in our Make It Count contest, and you could win great prizes.

Critical thinking is a critical element of your course. As we have observed how instructors teach critical thinking, and as we have heard from many of you and your students, we have seen numerous, creative ways to incorporate that important skill into coursework—many of which take advantage of today’s engaging digital learning tools.
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Make it Count! Show Us How You Assign Digital… and Win

It’s clear to see that digital is the place to be, especially for students. According to a recent article, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

Digital counts. According to recent studies, student engagement and outcomes improve when instructors require digital course material and make it at least 20% of their grade, proving that screen time increases scores over time.

So—how do you make it count? Show us!

Submit a short video sharing how you assign digital. You could win a paid trip to a national conference, scholarship funding, and more, plus the opportunity to share your ideas with peers and learn from one another!

All you’ll need to do: in two minutes or less, tell us your favorite digital assignment and how it engages your students.

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Make it Count with MindTap!

Our latest infographic shows you the rich benefits that instructors who “Make it Count with MindTap” see in their courses! Discover how assigning MindTap can help improve student outcomes, engagement, and satisfaction.

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