Medical Assisting Efficacy

Voice of the Employer in Medical Assisting and Medical Billing, Insurance, and Coding

Cengage Learning wanted to better understand what skills Medical Assisting and Medical Billing, Insurance, and Coding employers are looking for in recent graduates. In order to gather these insights, Cengage Learning attended the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and Optum Essentials conferences. While extensive research has been done to understand what instructors need, this is the first time Cengage Learning has conducted research to understand what skills and experience employers desire from candidates. A team from Cengage Learning interviewed a total of seventeen employers to gather an understanding of the importance of soft skills, certifications and medical knowledge.

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Flipping the Classroom in Medical Assisting Programs Leads to Increased Student Engagement

In order to better understand the challenges facing Medical Assisting (MA) instructors, Cengage Learning’s market research team conducted interviews with instructors at the American Association of Medical Assisting (AAMA) conference in October 2014. Cengage Learning wanted to understand instructor needs and pain points as well as what are the most significant challenges they face in teaching. The research shows that instructors are challenged by teaching to a wide spectrum of student abilities as well as teaching basic professionalism skills. While engaging this wide spectrum of student abilities, MA instructors see a great deal of potential in new teaching methods and course technology.
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