Medical Terminology

Understanding Medical Terminology: How MindTap Drives Instructor and Student Success

Students preparing for successful careers as health care professionals must first master the complex medical terminology necessary to provide optimal patient care in the nation’s hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Future health care professionals in pursuit of a comprehensive clinical foundation must equip themselves with the ability to accurately recognize, define, and pronounce medical terms on which successful patient diagnostics and outcomes largely rely. To efficiently develop this key skill set, instructors and students have for years relied on Cengage Learning’s MindTap for Medical Terminology, an online learning platform that combines a number of learning tools to personalize the Read More…

Use MindTap to Improve Outcomes in your Medical Terminology Course

What might help students create a path to success in the challenging (but vital) Medical Terminology course? Digital learning tools can help them “make the grade.” According to a recent report, 74% of surveyed college students feel they would perform better if their instructors would use more technology.

How can you help improve outcomes and engagement? Try assigning digital in your course. Students in Medical Terminology courses are spending more time on their homework and earning better grades when MindTap counts for 20% of their grade.

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Engaging Students with MindTap Leads to Success

A Study of MindTap in Post-secondary College Success, Criminal Justice, Medical Terminology, and Psychology Courses

MarketingWorks and SEG Measurement, two independent research firms, conducted a comprehensive study of faculty and student perceptions of MindTap in the fall of 2014.

In a national, semester-long study, a majority of instructors and students in college success, criminal justice, medical terminology, and psychology courses judged MindTap to be effective in helping to teach students the content of their courses. In addition, students using MindTap in psychology courses showed significantly greater growth in psychology knowledge and skills than students who did not use MindTap but did support their learning with other digital tools.

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MindTap Helps Student Keep Track of Assignments, Build Understanding, and Think ‘on a Higher Level’

After rethinking her decision to attend medical school, Caitlin Phillips knew that she still wanted a career in medicine. This meant that in order to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, she would need to complete some tough classes, including medical terminology. As a full-time senior, her schedule was full with classes, studying, and sorority commitments. In addition, she’s working on the senior paper required of all biology majors, and hers is on a complex subject: multiple myeloma.

Because MindTap was a requirement for her medical terminology course, Caitlin—who considers herself tech savvy—dove right in. She liked the digital format and felt that MindTap was simple and easy to get through and the ebook drew her in and kept her engaged.

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Sherri Hoss’ Students See, Hear, Practice, and Learn Medical Terms with MindTap™

Looking for an online learning solution for your medical terminology course that reinforces key concepts, helps students absorb and retain complex terms, and motivates them to come to class prepared? Discover how Sherri Hoss of Southeast Technical Institute (Sioux Falls, SD) used MindTap Medical Terminology for Health to improve learning and retention, increase student engagement, and promote better student preparedness for future coursework.  Read More…

Professor Mary Jo Slater’s Medical Terminology Students Benefit from Flexibility of Resources

Are you looking for a learning solution that motivates students and helps them master the vocabulary you cover in your medical terminology course? The readings, multimedia activities, and assessments—all integrated into a consistent Learning Path available within MindTap—helped Dr. Mary Jo Slater of Community College of Beaver County (Monaca, PA) to improve student preparedness, engagement, and outcomes in her online medical terminology class. Learn more in the Success Story presented below. Read More…