Michael Hansen

Cengage Explores Big Questions in Education at ASU+GSV Summit 2018

We’re thrilled to participate in the ASU+GSV summit in sunny San Diego this year, joining innovators and educators to discuss important issues in education and discover how new technologies and models are advancing student learning around the globe. Leaders from Cengage will participate in sessions across the summit exploring access, innovation, quality learning and affordability. Please join us at the following sessions:

Is The “Netflix of HigherEd” Finally Here?

The last 12 months has seen enormous change in higher education publishing with significant potential upside for students. Michael Hansen, CEO at Cengage, will join leaders from across the higher education publishing landscape Read More…

Digital Tools Bring Much-Needed Change in Education Affordability

“Students should not have to choose between the results they want and an education they can afford.”

In a new post, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen explores how digital resources can both save students money and provide a more engaging learning experience.

In addition, this new Cengage infographic looks at costs associated with higher education, illustrating real value provided by digital materials. Going digital helps make education more affordable and engaging, propelling all students toward their goals and instilling confidence in their learning experiences—every day.

Digital Tools Bring Needed Change to Education Affordability

Inside 2017’s LearnLaunch Across Boundaries Conference

Last week, Cengage CEO Michael Hansen and CTO George Moore participated in LearnLaunch’s 5th Annual Across Boundaries Conference in Boston. The conference brings together the education and technology community to drive innovation, transform learning and increase achievement using digital technologies. Michael opened Day Two as the featured speaker for the LearnLaunch Accelerator Breakthrough Program Showcase. He spoke of Cengage’s commitment to student success and placed an emphasis on learners who overcome many barriers as they work to obtain their degrees. Touching on the importance of confidence, Hansen stressed the ability of digital tools to help students manage Read More…

Ed Trend to Watch: Competency-Based Education

Competency-based education offers an interesting alternative to the more traditional credit-hour-based system of learning in higher education. In this system, college students progress when they prove that they’ve mastered the subject matter, whether that may be faster or slower than their classmates. Competency-based education has received a great deal of attention as a disruptive innovation which promises to raise course quality and student completion.

Why competency-based education?

Today, not enough students who begin their college journey end up graduating, which can set them back even further than when they began. The most recent data from the National Center for Education Statistics reveals that the college graduation rate Read More…

The Future of Higher Education

Education is now evolving at a more rapid pace than ever. Just a few years ago, e-readers were not in the hands of many students and online learning wasn’t quite so prevalent.

Today, digital and online learning opportunities are abound for college students around the world, even creating chances to learn where there simply may have been none previously. What might the future of higher education look like for college students in three to five years that they don’t have now? Read More…

Advice for College Students and Recent Graduates

Each semester, ambitious students make their first foray into college life. And each semester, talented graduates find themselves prepared to take on the world.

At Cengage Learning, we encourage students to be life-long learners—always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn. In the video featured below, Cengage Learning CEO Michael Hansen provides real advice for students from their first days of college to their final days of college. Read More…