MindTap Case Studies

Liberty University English Students Give MindTap a Special Shout-Out

It only took 20 minutes of hands-on experience for Virginia Dow to get hooked on MindTap. “It was so much easier to use than our existing digital product. I knew it would be much easier for my students,” says the Liberty University English instructor. She was right — her students reacted “extremely well” to the online resource, and for reasons that went beyond ease of use.

Students Credit MindTap for Course Success

“MindTap has been phenomenal for me and my students,” says Professor Dow. “One ESL student in developmental writing had missed a lot of answers on a test. She asked Read More…

Pass Rates Rise with MindTap in Tech Course at Community College of Baltimore County

Renuka Kumar teaches Computer Science and Information Technology at the Community College of Baltimore Country in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her colleagues recently redesigned the course to bring it up to date, adding new material on collaboration, mobile devices, and emerging technologies. The course learning resource that the department was using at the time didn’t cover all the necessary new topics, so a search ensued for a better option.

In evaluating possible new solutions, department decision-makers had several criteria. First, they wanted a product that would be easy to use by students and instructors. The ability to integrate with the college’s Blackboard learning management system (LMS), something that wasn’t possible with the existing product, was also on the wish list.
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MindTap College Success Course Earns Perfect Score in North Carolina’s “Quality Matters” Certification Program

North Carolina is serious about raising standards in its public schools to meet the needs of 21st century learners and prepare them to succeed in an increasingly technology-based society. One way the state is accomplishing this objective is by implementing a rigorous Quality Matters (QM) certification program, a faculty-centered, peer review process designed to verify the quality of online courses and online components. Attaining QM certification—a coveted stamp of approval—is no small feat, so when North Carolina’s Rowan-Cabarrus Community College received a perfect score for a College Success course based on MindTap®, there was good reason to be pleased.

In this case study, you’ll learn why Jenny Billings and others at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College believe MindTap was a key to getting the certification for the College Success course.
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MindTap Provides Easy Integration and Measurable Student Success in Introduction to Business Course

Sarah Bumgarner, an Introduction to Business instructor at Sandhills Community College in North Carolina, was determined to improve the achievement level of student learning outcomes for online students. Bumgarner knows how increased engagement is directly tied to improved student outcomes. Getting students engaged and keeping the level of motivation high continued to be a struggle. She also wanted to find an online resource to provide exceptional technological support for both students and
instructor, allowing her to focus on content rather than technological support. This would give students more opportunities to see business concepts in action, which she believes would lead to greater understanding, and in the end, better results.
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Statistical Content Becomes More Accessible and Student Achievement Gets a Boost with MindTap

Due to her extensive background in research and statistics, Dr. Starlett M. Sinclair became the dedicated instructor for Research Methods and Behavioral Statistics courses when she was hired as full-time faculty and the Assistant Program Director of South University’s undergraduate psychology program. Both courses are a significant part of the psychology major at her school.

Sinclair strives to make statistical content approachable for students, even those who are “math-phobic.” She lets them know that they may be challenged, but that she will give them every resource they need to succeed. She wants to see her students engage with the material, do their best to master it in the timeframe we have, and ultimately succeed academically, and believes that having access to researched, well-designed, intuitive-to-use resources really can make the difference for a student.

After being introduced to MindTap during a focus group at the 2014 American Psychological Association meeting, Sinclair decided to participate in a MindTap pilot program, which would give her students access to the learning solution. In this case study, you’ll read her observations from this pilot, and see how student engagement and achievement were boosted among those students who chose to engage with the material through MindTap.

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Students at Texas Christian University Give MindTap High Marks in Introductory Criminal Justice

William “Bill” Mathis, who teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU), is always on the lookout for solutions that will help him teach more efficiently and effectively, as well as help students learn more efficiently and effectively. On that front, he gives high marks to MindTap® Criminal Justice, as do his students.

In efforts to engage his students and illustrate the realities of the criminal justice system, Professor Mathis integrates his professional experiences (as a civilian chief of police, watch commander, and serving-instructing in law enforcement in the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy) as well as real-world videos of relevant topics into his courses. Gathering these materials and preparing for classes can take a significant amount of time, so when Cengage Learning did a MindTap presentation at TCU, he was more than intrigued. When MindTap became available with his text in use (Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy Miller), he jumped at the chance to use it.

In this case study, you’ll learn why Professor Mathis finds MindTap to be as effective as it is efficient. You’ll read about the features that have helped his students learn and retain the material, as well as the reporting tools, which help both him and his students keep track of their progress in the course. He also describes the efficiency-enhancing benefits of MindTap’s progress app, which offers a gradebook with meaningful, easy-to-use analytics.

You’ll also see why and how Mathis’s that students appreciate, and benefit from, MindTap. Students say they’re more engaged, and they also appreciate features such as flashcards, an easy-to-access glossary, and search functionality; they also like the due dates and assignment lists, which help them stay on top of their coursework. What’s more, 92% of those who completed a course survey rated the online learning platform as excellent or good.
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MindTap General Chemistry Leads to Higher Grades and Success Rates at Texas Tech

Professor Greg Gellene, a Chemistry professor at Texas Tech University, was interested in improving the academic outcomes of his students in his Principles of Chemistry course. He liked many of MindTap General Chemistry’s student-centered features. He therefore decided to study the impact of MindTap General Chemistry in comparison to their current digital solution.

To do this, he compared the course grades and success rates of students in his section using MindTap General Chemistry with those in other sections using the other solution in Fall 2014. Additionally, he surveyed the students using MindTap General Chemistry to understand their experience with the product in the course.
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MindTap for U.S. History Increases Student Engagement at Oakland University

Dr. Dale Prentiss, Special Lecturer in Oakland University’s History department, teaches HST 114, a survey course that covers American history from the colonial era through post-Civil War Reconstruction, focusing on the formation of the United States and the forces promoting unity and division in the new nation. The course is offered in both in-class and online formats and can be taken to satisfy Oakland University’s requirements in either western civilization knowledge exploration or U.S. diversity.

Prior to using MindTap for U.S. History, Dr. Prentiss had been teaching his course using a combination of a print textbook and online learning solution. He began exploring using MindTap after seeing a demonstration of the solution integrated with Gale research content. Dr. Prentiss knew that Oakland University’s library had recently made
a significant investment in Eighteenth Century Collections Online and was excited by the possibility of bringing that content directly into the students’ learning path. In addition to the unique feature of integrating library research content into his course, Dr. Prentiss believed that MindTap could help him create a course that was more engaging and encouraged students to think critically.
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Critical Thinking Skills and Student Success Rates Increase in History Courses with MindTap at TSU

Due to low student pass rates in HIS 231 and 232 courses (which survey the social, political, economic, cultural, and intellectual history of the United States from the pre-Columbian era to the present), the chair of Texas Southern University’s History department, Dr. Nikki Taylor, began exploring adopting a different learning solution for these courses. They needed something that would allow their students to understand the course content. They also wanted a digital learning solution that would allow students to increase their critical reading and critical thinking skills.

After a review of learning solutions, Dr. Taylor came to the conclusion that Cengage Learning’s MindTap was the best fit for the History department’s survey courses. She and her core U.S. History faculty then went to work redesigning the survey courses. They ensured that these courses were structured in a manner that was consistent with MindTap, and that they leveraged the available tools and technology.

In this case study, you can read the results of research that examines the impact of MindTap on students’ academic outcomes in these courses. Both the qualitative and quantitative data show MindTap had a significant impact on learner outcomes and student engagement in the courses. Students who used MindTap outperformed their peers who used other instructional materials in the past. Instructors also noted that a key objective of the course—to increase students’ critical thinking skills—had been met through the course redesign around MindTap.

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MindTap for Intro to Business Improves Students’ Engagement and Outcomes

As lead instructor for the introductory business courses at Sandhills Community College, Sarah Bumgarner was determined to improve achievement level of student learning outcomes of online students. Bumgarner knows that increased engagement improves student outcomes as well as their overall engagement in the course.

But getting them engaged and keeping the level of motivation high has always been a struggle. She also wanted to find an online resource that provided exceptional technological support to both her students and the instructor allowing her to focus on content rather than technological support. This would give students more opportunities to see business concepts in action, which she believes would lead to greater understanding, and in the end, better results.

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