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MindTap for Criminal Justice: Engaging Students More Deeply

Criminal Justice instructor finds MindTap to be an efficient, successful solution for engaging his students more deeply in course content. After a painful experience with an online homework tool, Scott Rudeen and his colleagues in the criminal justice department at Broadview University were ready to throw in the towel. Frustration and a lack of student achievement and engagement led Rudeen to the realization that searching for the right online resource was worth one more shot. When Rudeen found MindTap for Criminal Justice, he quickly saw his students begin to show more interest in the subject. At the same Read More…

MindTap® Renews English Instructor’s Trust in Digital Solutions at Liberty University

College instructors would rather focus on their teaching than have to deal with digital resource issues. Such was the case with English instructor Travis Holt, who found himself frustrated with his online English lab resource at Liberty University. Since switching to MindTap®, he no longer contends with such issues. “MindTap is much more user-friendly for instructors and for students, as shown by their higher engagement level,” he says. “I admit that my expectations were low given my previous experience, but MindTap exceeded them by far. The fact that everything in MindTap worked the way Cengage said it would work Read More…

Liberty University English Students Give MindTap a Special Shout-Out

It only took 20 minutes of hands-on experience for Virginia Dow to get hooked on MindTap. “It was so much easier to use than our existing digital product. I knew it would be much easier for my students,” says the Liberty University English instructor. She was right — her students reacted “extremely well” to the online resource, and for reasons that went beyond ease of use.

Students Credit MindTap for Course Success

“MindTap has been phenomenal for me and my students,” says Professor Dow. “One ESL student in developmental writing had missed a lot of answers on a test. She asked Read More…

Designing a New Experience for Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics: Pre-Course Assessments Target Knowledge Gaps

In 2014, the Cengage Learning Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics Teams set out to better understand the unmet needs of students and instructors. We interviewed, observed, surveyed, conducted usability tests, and met with thousands of students and instructors from around the country. Along the way we developed a deeper appreciation and understanding of how quantitative courses are taught and learned, the main challenges that students and instructors typically encounter, and how technology is used to accomplish course outcomes. Our initial research revealed that today’s instructors and students in math, statistics, and physics demand more from technology than they did 20 Read More…

Understanding Medical Terminology: How MindTap Drives Instructor and Student Success

Students preparing for successful careers as health care professionals must first master the complex medical terminology necessary to provide optimal patient care in the nation’s hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. Future health care professionals in pursuit of a comprehensive clinical foundation must equip themselves with the ability to accurately recognize, define, and pronounce medical terms on which successful patient diagnostics and outcomes largely rely. To efficiently develop this key skill set, instructors and students have for years relied on Cengage Learning’s MindTap for Medical Terminology, an online learning platform that combines a number of learning tools to personalize the Read More…

MindTap for Business at Fairmont State University

Students React to MindTap at Fairmont State University. MindTap for Business demos were shown to 22 students on the campus of Fairmont State University in Fairmont, West Virginia. Here is what they had to say: Initial Reaction to MindTap Overall, the students responded very positively to MindTap, with 86% of the students rating their initial reaction as Favorable to Very Favorable. None of the students rated MindTap less than Neutral. Having All Materials in One Place Students also liked the thought of having everything in one place. When asked about whether they felt that “having assignments, reading materials, grades and study aids Read More…

Features College Students Love About MindTap for Criminal Justice

What features/tools do students love about MindTap? William “Bill” Mathis, who teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU), gives high marks to MindTap® Criminal Justice, as do his students. The textbook they used was Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy Miller.

In essays written about their experience with MindTap in this class, students praised a number of features and tools. The top three cited were Search, Flashcards, and ReadSpeaker.

See what students had to say about MindTap.

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Struggling to Engage Students with Traditional Classroom Tools

Today’s community college student is often faced with a difficult decision when deciding how to allocate their time and resources while focusing on work and family or school. Few understand this as well as Danielle Bachan, an instructor at Houston Community College, who teaches busy students about Texas politics and government. Bachan is tasked with inspiring students to learn about issues, agencies, and processes they otherwise might not explore or learn about on their own. Bachan finds her students also have heightened expectations when it comes to technology and how it’s used in the classroom. Increasingly, they expect to Read More…

MindTap Improves Student Engagement, Helps Teach Art

For Victoria Buck, an instructor who teaches art history at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, getting students to truly engage with the subject was a goal. Buck is a mixed-media sculpture artist who would like for her students to see the magic in art in that she does, and therefore wanted her students to see particular pieces and learn specific concepts. Many students are inherently interested, but she feared some may lose interest without interactivity and compelling resources like video. After learning about Cengage Learning’s Art Through The Ages on MindTap from a colleague, Buck thought the Read More…

What Criminal Justice Students Love About MindTap Assignments

MindTap for Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University

What do students love about MindTap assignments?

William “Bill” Mathis, who teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University (TCU), gives high marks to MindTap® Criminal Justice, as do his students. The textbook they used was Criminal Justice in Action by Larry K. Gaines and Roger LeRoy Miller.

Learn what students like in general, about the quizzes and tests, practical application, checking work, video and more.

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