MindTap Success Stories

MindTap in Action Gets Students to Read—and Learn—About American Government

Joshua “Josh” Dyck has taught American Government at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell (UMass Lowell) since 2012. When he arrived at the institution after teaching at the University at Buffalo SUNY, he used a traditional textbook with no online component. His involvement in an advisory group that reviewed MindTap® led him to try the digital learning experience.

Students adapted easily to the MindTap environment, and so did Josh. He immediately saw a number of benefits. He noticed that students came to class prepared after completing readings and auto-graded assignments… allowing him to use lectures to go “beyond the book.” Students were also empowered to take control of their learning: they can work at their own pace, review learning resources as much as they wish, and take quizzes more than once to improve their grade.
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MindTap K12 Subscription Model Supports Advanced Placement Success in Georgia 

Forsyth County Schools (FCS) in Georgia can proudly claim the highest SAT scores among the state’s fifteen largest school districts as well as the highest graduation rate (90+ percent) among the twenty largest school districts. Given this success, it’s no surprise that FCS offers a wide variety of Advanced Placement® (AP®) options to give its students the opportunity to experience college-level academic courses while in high school. To ensure ongoing access to current, quality learning resources for its AP curriculum, the district recently turned to the MindTap® K12 platform and a cost-effective subscription plan from Cengage Learning.
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MindTap Helps College Student Overcome Accessibility Issues

Imagine taking one of your first college courses, not being able to hear a word the professor is saying, but still be required to pass an exam on the material. That’s exactly the situation in which Beatrice Bachleda, a freshman at The Ohio State University, found herself. Soon after Bachleda enrolled in an online Introduction to Psychology course she discovered the videos on which the course were based lacked the captioning she requires for comprehension. Without access to an interpreter as she has in traditional classroom settings, Bachleda was forced to request an extension for her first midterm and Read More…

MindTap with Aplia Promotes Active Learning for Non-Majors Biology Students

Rebekka Darner Gougis of Illinois State University uses MindTap® in her biology for non-science majors course at Illinois State University, and both she and her students are satisfied with the personalized online learning experience.

No stranger to online teaching resources, Rebekka previously used another company’s digital biology product. While she appreciated some aspects of the program, she was also troubled by it. “All questions were the type for which answers could be easily found online,” she says. “I got tired of seeing students cheat by just Googling the answers. I wanted to try something that was newer and that motivated students to think more critically, and MindTap was appealing.”
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MindTap Gives Returning Student the Tools to Succeed in Psychology

Kim Feager started college twenty years ago, but marriage, family, and an accelerating career led her to sideline her quest for a higher education degree. Today, she’s back in school, working full time at another job and attending St. Charles Community College in Missouri at night, where she majors in applied science with an intent to obtain a new career in health care.

Kim has used three different digital products since returning to college. She liked MindTap® Psychology the best for the way it helped her learn concepts and prepare for exams, and for the convenience it provided by allowing her to listen to reading assignments anywhere.

It took Kim some time to get “reacclimated” to being a student, and MindTap made the transition easier by helping her make good use of her study time as she read and completed homework. Kim most appreciated MindTap’s text-to-speech app, ReadSpeaker, which helped her absorb course information anywhere she was able to listen. She also appreciated the visual aspects of MindTap, such as video clips, word activities, and its overall interactivity. MindTap’s assignments also helped Kim see the course concepts she understood, and where she needed to go back for additional help.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read why Kim credits MindTap for Psychology as a key element in earning an “A” om the class. You’ll read how MindTap engages students like Kim through a learning path that integrates chapter readings, videos, and interactive assignments. You’ll also learn about MindTap’s helpful automatic grading, which gives students immediate feedback on their assignments, so that they always know where they stand.

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Freshman Challenged with Responsibilities and Financial Pressure of Paying for College

Hannah Wallace is a Criminal Justice major at Texas Christian University. Like many students, she faces financial pressures, and often finds it a challenge to balance school and work. Adding to Wallace’s financial responsibilities is her dream of attending a top-notch law school after graduating from TCU.

To keep up with the demands of her coursework, Wallace turned to Cengage Learning’s MindTap tool, a digital learning solution that helps students become critical thinkers by customizing learning experiences, providing real time mobile access, and the ability to track individual student performance to help achieve her academic and financial goals.

Besides making test preparation more efficient, Wallace credits MindTap’s search function with helping her create customized learning sheets that assist in test preparation. Rather than scouring the entire textbook, Wallace’s keyword search results in a collection of items, organized by importance, she then uses to narrow her focus. The platform’s vocabulary quizzes and flashcards, which condense complex information into more manageable bite-sized data pieces, serve as conduits to greater comprehension in subjects outside of Wallace’s major.

Besides the breadth MindTap offers, Wallace also praises the depth with which it provides students. The result, according to Wallace, is a much more thorough understanding of how theory is applied outside the classroom.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll see how MindTap streamlines test preparation, which saves time and allows students to devote time to their other important responsibilities, like their jobs and families. You’ll also see how its learning tools improve students’ academic performance.

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Future Attorney Credits MindTap for Time Management Skills and Better Grade in Criminal Justice

After graduating from Texas Christian University, Carly Stacey plans to attend law school and become an attorney. It’s a goal she believes will now be easier to achieve with Cengage Learning’s MindTap tool, a digital learning solution that helps students become critical thinkers by customizing learning experiences, providing real time mobile access, and the ability to track individual student performance with helping her better manage time and prepare more thoroughly for exams.

Unlike other educational technologies she has used, Carly says MindTap provides her with the courage required to stick her neck out when reaching for academic greatness. Specifically, she cites the pre-test assessments that gauge her understanding without harming her actual grade.

Carly relies on MindTap to prepare for exams and says the tool provides detail and context even rich classroom lectures do not. Carly also credits MindTap with building her critical-thinking skills, which she recognizes are necessary to her success as an attorney.

In this success story, you’ll read more about MindTap’s ability to prompt deeper concept comprehension, which results in improved academic performance.

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Student Athlete Challenged With Managing Time and Commitments In and Out of the Classroom

As a physical therapy major, Bailey Sullivan hopes one day to help others recover and move about free of pain and discomfort. However, the Texas Christian University freshman recently experienced some discomfort of her own and needed help navigating her commitments with school work.

While Sullivan has always considered herself a good student, she found the importance and weight given to college exams intimidating. Sullivan credits Cengage Learning’s MindTap tool, a digital learning solution that
helps students become better critical thinkers, providing real-time mobile access, and the ability to track individual student performance, with helping her better manage time and prepare more thoroughly for exams.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read how Sullivan’s engagement has increased, as she’s seen how to apply what she’s learning in class to real-life scenarios. You’ll also see how MindTap’s features (such as its pre-tests, chapter-specific lessons, flashcards, and quizzes) have built Sullivan’s confidence and helped her build stronger study habits.

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Time-Strapped Student Looks to Balance Academic Responsibilities with Extracurriculars

Rachel Bull, a freshman at Texas Christian University, does most of her studying during the early morning hours, long before classes actually begin. Despite waking up before her peers, Bull says it’s still hard to find the time required to complete her coursework and prepare thoroughly for tests.

Bull dreams of working one day for a large fashion company in New York City. At the time, however, she says it’s difficult to balance her course load with other interests such as working out, church, and staying in touch with family. “I’m pretty good at managing time but with so many assignments it just gets overwhelming,” she said.

In this Student Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap’s personalized learning environment has saved Rachel time, while also minimizing her stress. You’ll also see how MindTap’s real-time performance evaluations promote better study habits and test preparation… leading to better grades, better time management, and increased awareness of her progress in class.

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MindTap Leads to Increased Reading in Melody Lehn’s Communication Course

Melody Lehn, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication at the University of South Carolina, teaches Speech Communication in three different areas: on campus through Extended University; at a local military base; and, beginning next year, in a fully online environment for Palmetto College. She currently uses MindTap in her on-campus Public Communication course.

Melody initially heard about MindTap from a colleague, while searching for resources appropriate to the fully online courses she’s developing. However, as she reviewed MindTap, she considered that it could be useful as a digital hub for students to access all of their course content, as well as herself. She eventually decided to adopt MindTap for her on-campus course, hoping that it could help her with a persistent and ongoing challenge: low student engagement with the textbook.

In the following Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap is sparking increased student interest in and engagement wiwth class readings and assigned exercises. You’ll also learn how it’s helped Melody’s students become more engaged and active participants during her in-class discussions.

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