MindTap Success Stories

MindTap Helps Motivate Brandee Coltharp’s Business Communication Students

Brandee Coltharp is an instructor for the Office Administration Institute at Ivy Tech Community College. She teaches various courses within the program, and uses MindTap in her Business Communications course.

When reviewing digital learning solutions, MindTap’s easy-to-navigate interface appealed to Coltharp. When she began using MindTap in her course, she noticed her students found it easy to
use as well. She attributes this to the organization of MindTap’s Learning Path.

Brandee’s approach with MindTap has led to improved student outcomes. She believes the instant feedback lead students to reflect more on the work they are doing, and that MindTap’s Engagement Tracker makes it easier to review student progress and and identify students who need additional remediation.

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MindTap for Introduction to American Government

Rich Powell teaches at the University of Maine, and has used MindTap in his Introduction to American Government course for approximately a year, in conjunction with Janda et al.’s The Challenge of Democracy text. Rich teaches his Introduction to American Government course both in person and online. He appreciates that MindTap offers a seamless integration into the Blackboard Learning Management System. MindTap’s integration with Blackboard lessens his workload and adds to his efficiency, while giving students a better overall experience.

Rich has also found the content within MindTap helps engage his students in course concepts. The engaging content found in MindTap reinforces students’ understanding of concepts they learn in class while developing their critical thinking skills.

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Analytics in MindTap for American Government Help Lead to Earlier Student Intervention

Dr. Gregory Dixon is a Professor of Political Science at the University of West Georgia. Greg is currently using MindTap for American Government in his course. He was initially drawn to MindTap for its analytics functionality, which allows him to identify and intervene with at-risk students earlier in the term. However, he has also discovered that its multimedia resources and exercises engage students in a variety of ways, and that it also helps students see American Government in a more concrete sense.
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MindTap® for History Increases Critical Thinking and Improves Outcomes at Oklahoma State University

Michelle McCargish is a history instructor at Western New Mexico University, and also recently taught an online section of an American History survey course at Oklahoma State University. The only online instructor of the course (History 1103), Michelle
wanted to use a digital learning solution that provided good online supplements and was easy to use in the online classroom environment. After reviewing several solutions, Michelle decided to pilot MindTap® in the spring of 2014.

Michelle noticed immediately one key advantage of MindTap — how easily her students were able to navigate the interface. In addition to a user-friendly interface, Michelle found that integrating MindTap into her course’s LMS allowed for a streamlined integration experience for her and her students.

What’s more, Michelle found that MindTap’s exercises and assignments were effective at reaching students with different learning styles and encouraging critical thinking. Additionally, Michelle saw evidence of increased levels of student engagement using MindTap when grading the course midterm.

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MindTap Helps Student Keep Track of Assignments, Build Understanding, and Think ‘on a Higher Level’

After rethinking her decision to attend medical school, Caitlin Phillips knew that she still wanted a career in medicine. This meant that in order to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, she would need to complete some tough classes, including medical terminology. As a full-time senior, her schedule was full with classes, studying, and sorority commitments. In addition, she’s working on the senior paper required of all biology majors, and hers is on a complex subject: multiple myeloma.

Because MindTap was a requirement for her medical terminology course, Caitlin—who considers herself tech savvy—dove right in. She liked the digital format and felt that MindTap was simple and easy to get through and the ebook drew her in and kept her engaged.

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MindTap, CourseMate, and Aplia: A Dynamic Learning Trio for Students!

Melody Dashora is not a typical student. A business administration major at Bellevue College in Washington, Melody plans to finish her associate’s degree in fewer than fourteen months and then move to a four-year institution to study international law. This fast-paced schedule would be difficult for any full-time student — but Melody does it while raising three children. She attributes her success in part to digital learning solutions such as MindTap, CourseMate, and Aplia from Cengage Learning. Read More…

MindTap™ Engages Nutrition Students with a Steady Diet of Learning Convenience

Katie Ferraro is Assistant Professor of Nutrition at San Diego Miramar College. Like any conscientious instructor, Katie wants to provide her students with quality learning opportunities — but doesn’t have time to “spin her wheels” when it comes to finding out about and using course materials.

Some time back, Katie began to investigate MindTap™ from Cengage Learning, a personalized online learning experience that integrates a variety of multimedia learning resources, all instantly accessible to her students. Read More…

MindTap™ Captures the Interest of Marketing Students — and Their Instructor Holly Hapke

Holly Hapke is a lecturer at the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics. Like many instructors in business courses, Holly uses cases to promote analytical thinking and to help her marketing students connect concepts to real-world applications. Not so long ago, the manual grading of three case assignments each term for as many as 600 students became an overwhelming task. “It was too time consuming to grade assignments for all of the students, so I started looking for another solution for homework,” she says.

Holly was using a Cengage Learning textbook, so it was a logical step to look at the digital assets that supported it. One of those resources was MindTap™, an interactive online learning experience built upon the textbook’s content. More than an eBook and different from a learning management system, MindTap allows students to guide themselves through their course — combining cases, readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a consistent learning path, with all relevant resources instantly accessible. In addition, MindTap exercises are automatically graded, which was good news to Holly. Read More…

MindTap™ Feeds Steve Ball’s Nutrition Students’ Craving for Interactive Learning Technology

Steve Ball has been teaching Nutritional Science and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri in Columbia since 2002. He uses MindTap™ — which provides a fully online learning experience that replaces a traditional textbook — in his fitness and wellness course. He and his students give MindTap a “thumbs up” for its interactivity, features, ease of use, and affordability. Read More…

MindTap Helps Tina Willhoite’s College Success Students Prepare for Class and Improve Grades

Recently, the time-consuming grading of students’ handwritten assignments, along with the desire to add a technology component to College Success courses, motivated Tina Willhoite’s department at San Jacinto College District to adopt Cengage Learning’s MindTap™ and move away from using only a printed textbook. Built upon the content in her Cengage Learning textbook, MindTap is an interactive online learning experience that combines learning resources—readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments—into a learning path that guides students through their course. MindTap has already proven to be a smart move. In this Success Story, you’ll read how MindTap has led to increased student engagement and success in Tina Willhoite’s course. You’ll also learn how it has made course materials more accessible to both instructors and students, and how it’s increased instructors’ efficiency at grading time. Read More…