MindTap tips

How Students Can Personalize Their MindTap Experience

In previous videos, we’ve shown how an educator can customize and create an engaging environment in the MindTap eBook, but students also have options that allow them to personalize their own experience.

This video provides you with an overview of these options. See how students can use the highlighting tool, the dictionary app, the flashcards, and the ReadSpeaker app to make their MindTap experience their own.

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How to Add Your Own Content to the MindTap eBook

The MindTap eBook can be personalized for your course experience in a number of ways.

This video takes you through the process of adding and creating your own content (such as a video activity or a document saved as a Microsoft Word doc or a PDF file) to the MindTap eBook.

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MindTap How-To: Customizing the eBook with Added Content

MindTap‘s eBook is an engaging tool for students. Just like the Learning Path, you can also customize the eBook by adding existing content or creating and adding engaging and interesting new content.

This video shows you how to customize the MindTap eBook with content such as videos, web link activities, and RSS feeds.

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Adding Personalized Video to Your MindTap Learning Path

Are you using MindTap? There are many great ways for you to customize your MindTap course with your own content.

In this video, we take you a step beyond just inserting content and videos into the MindTap Learning Path. Learn how to add assignments, PDF files, and videos that YOU create.

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As Seen in MindTap: How Do You Solve a Problem?

This quick video shows how to work on solving a problem, as shown within MindTap.

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