MindTap for Introduction to American Government

Rich Powell teaches at the University of Maine, and has used MindTap in his Introduction to American Government course for approximately a year, in conjunction with Janda et al.’s The Challenge of Democracy text. Rich teaches his Introduction to American Government course both in person and online. He appreciates that MindTap offers a seamless integration into the Blackboard Learning Management System. MindTap’s integration with Blackboard lessens his workload and adds to his efficiency, while giving students a better overall experience.

Rich has also found the content within MindTap helps engage his students in course concepts. The engaging content found in MindTap reinforces students’ understanding of concepts they learn in class while developing their critical thinking skills.

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The Efficacy of MindTap in Business and Computer Courses

When asked about their teaching challenges, college instructors often share a common refrain—the desire to 1) engage their students in their coursework and 2) foster critical thinking.

With so many of today’s students fixated on digital devices, it’s logical that digital products can serve as a gateway to improving student engagement and analytical thinking, and consequently, learning. Examining the best practices of instructors who use digital solutions in their courses can spark ideas and reveal effective strategies for addressing seemingly intractable teaching and learning problems.

Cengage Learning’s MindTap® has generated positive outcomes in a variety of business and computer courses, and been lauded by instructors and students alike. This white paper summarizes quantitative studies as well as the individual experiences of a few instructors who have found MindTap to be both effective and appealing.


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Share and Win with MindTap: Call for Best Practices

How do you maximize student engagement? There are a multitude of ways to promote interaction and encourage participation in a college course.  Whether you incorporate videos into class time, set up forums for online discussion, or follow the flipped classroom method, the goal is to increase student engagement and success. If you are a current MindTap user, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to share your bright ideas and successful methods with other educators.  Enter our contest to tell us how you use MindTap to turn the light on engagement. The requirements are simple:

    Craft a 150-word (maximum)
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The MindTap Reader for Students

Students’ lives are busy and filled with many responsibilities and activities. With MindTap, they can access all of their course material and study tools from one spot.

In this video, we introduce you to the MindTap Reader. Students confirmed it was their favorite feature. With Readspeaker, they can listen to the course material. They can also print the material and take it with you, or take your notes and highlights right inside the Reader. Check out the MindTap Reader for yourself!

The MindTap Mobile App

We know that the phone is an essential part of students’ day, and they need study tools to keep up with their busy lifestyles. Now, with MindTap, they can prepare for their courses anytime, anywhere… right from their smartphones.

Download the app today!

The MindTap Mobile app on iTunes

MindTap Mobile app on Google Play

(Note: You must be enrolled in a course that is using Cengage Learning’s MindTap and have accessed MindTap on your computer before you can use the app.)


MindTap and Competency-Based Learning/Education (CBL/CBE)

After being around for decades in various forms, competency-based learning is gaining traction at a growing number of higher education institutions. It’s been credited with promoting student engagement, improving learning outcomes, lowering the cost and time needed to earn a degree, and better arming learners with skills required by employers and necessary for career success.

What’s behind all the buzz? Is competency-based learning an “all or nothing” proposition, or is it adaptable in traditional classrooms? And can instructors implement competency-based learning without overtaxing their busy schedules?

This paper addresses these questions and discusses how Cengage Learning’s MindTap™ can make it easier for instructors to move students successfully through a competency-based learning program to higher levels of knowledge and skills.

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Flipping the Classroom in Medical Assisting Programs Leads to Increased Student Engagement

In order to better understand the challenges facing Medical Assisting (MA) instructors, Cengage Learning’s market research team conducted interviews with instructors at the American Association of Medical Assisting (AAMA) conference in October 2014. Cengage Learning wanted to understand instructor needs and pain points as well as what are the most significant challenges they face in teaching. The research shows that instructors are challenged by teaching to a wide spectrum of student abilities as well as teaching basic professionalism skills. While engaging this wide spectrum of student abilities, MA instructors see a great deal of potential in new teaching methods and course technology.
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MindTap at the Rochester Institute of Technology

Cengage Learning’s MindTap is the digital learning solution that helps instructors transform today’s students into critical thinkers. In this video, you’ll see how MindTap is helping the students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. You’ll also learn how instructors at RIT can use MindTap to personalize learning for all students who share similar challenges with time management and course material.



Supporting Students’ Learning Goals in Intro Psych Courses

Guest Contributor: Clayton Austin, Ph.D., Product Manager for Psychology at Cengage Learning.   With over ten years of college level teaching experience, I’ve had the pleasure of having hundreds of students in my classroom. They enter with varying levels of engagement and motivation, and they have a variety of learning goals in mind. In that role, my own goal was to encourage them to take responsibility for meeting their personal learning goals, while still challenging them to be open-minded and to think critically. Now, as a product manager for Cengage Learning’s Introductory Psychology learning solutions, I think about many of the same Read More…

An Early Report: Integration and Subject Content Assembly with MindTap Learning System

This paper presents an early report into the adoption of MindTap, a personal learning experience product provided by a commercial publisher; and its integration into Interact, a Sakai-based learning management system in Charles Sturt University, Australia.

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