Fully Integrated Solutions Go Beyond the Links

Digital learning solutions are offering instructors and students more ways to engage with course content than ever before. With seamless login now a standard of LMS integration, instructors and administrators are looking for LMS integration to go farther in helping them achieve their mission of improving student outcomes. This new frontier of LMS integration are learning solutions that provide customizable content, automatic grade return and personalized instructor services. These are three incredibly powerful ways that integrated learning solutions can increase student engagement and decrease instructor workload.

Cengage Learning’s market research team conducted in-depth research at a large technology conference with LMS administrators to better understand how they are integrating course solutions and what they need a “fully integrated” course solution to accomplish. Over the course of two days the research team conducted fifty interviews with LMS administrators from a diverse range of institutions using a wide range of LMS.
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MindTap Helps Student Keep Track of Assignments, Build Understanding, and Think ‘on a Higher Level’

After rethinking her decision to attend medical school, Caitlin Phillips knew that she still wanted a career in medicine. This meant that in order to earn her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, she would need to complete some tough classes, including medical terminology. As a full-time senior, her schedule was full with classes, studying, and sorority commitments. In addition, she’s working on the senior paper required of all biology majors, and hers is on a complex subject: multiple myeloma.

Because MindTap was a requirement for her medical terminology course, Caitlin—who considers herself tech savvy—dove right in. She liked the digital format and felt that MindTap was simple and easy to get through and the ebook drew her in and kept her engaged.

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MindTap® for American Government: Insights from the 2013-2014 Academic Year Advisory Board

With the evolving educational landscape it is essential for learning solutions providers to constantly seek out the voice of the instructor when developing content and solutions. In developing the new MindTap learning solution for American Government, Cengage Learning wanted to make sure that the voice of the American government instructor informed every decision.
In order to achieve this, Cengage Learning recruited an advisory board of twenty-two American Government instructors
to provide insight on what American Government instructors need in a learning solution. The insights shared by the advisory board clearly show that current learning solutions were not providing students and instructors with the synchronization, content, and flexibility needed.
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The Power of MindTap for Corporate Finance

At the 2013 Financial Management Association (FMA) annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, Cengage Learning researchers discovered that Corporate Finance instructors listed three areas that are often major roadblocks to students’ successful learning, and demonstrated how MindTap addresses each.

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Get Started on MindTap: How-To Videos

MindTap is a personalized teaching experience with relevant assignments that guide students to analyze, apply, and improve thinking, allowing you to measure skills and outcomes with ease.

Using MindTap in your course this term? The videos in the below playlist feature helpful demonstrations of creating a course, creating and modifying assignments, managing grades, and more.
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Assessing Student Engagement and Instructor Support in Criminal Justice

Cengage Learning wanted to better understand what Criminal Justice instructors need from their course content as well as what their biggest challenges are. Our Market Research team attended the 2014 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS) convention in Philadelphia, PA and interviewed 32 Criminal Justice instructors about how they are using course materials and what their challenges are.


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MindTap, CourseMate, and Aplia: A Dynamic Learning Trio for Students!

Melody Dashora is not a typical student. A business administration major at Bellevue College in Washington, Melody plans to finish her associate’s degree in fewer than fourteen months and then move to a four-year institution to study international law. This fast-paced schedule would be difficult for any full-time student — but Melody does it while raising three children. She attributes her success in part to digital learning solutions such as MindTap, CourseMate, and Aplia from Cengage Learning. Read More…

MindTap™ Engages Nutrition Students with a Steady Diet of Learning Convenience

Katie Ferraro is Assistant Professor of Nutrition at San Diego Miramar College. Like any conscientious instructor, Katie wants to provide her students with quality learning opportunities — but doesn’t have time to “spin her wheels” when it comes to finding out about and using course materials.

Some time back, Katie began to investigate MindTap™ from Cengage Learning, a personalized online learning experience that integrates a variety of multimedia learning resources, all instantly accessible to her students. Read More…

MindTap™ Captures the Interest of Marketing Students — and Their Instructor Holly Hapke

Holly Hapke is a lecturer at the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics. Like many instructors in business courses, Holly uses cases to promote analytical thinking and to help her marketing students connect concepts to real-world applications. Not so long ago, the manual grading of three case assignments each term for as many as 600 students became an overwhelming task. “It was too time consuming to grade assignments for all of the students, so I started looking for another solution for homework,” she says.

Holly was using a Cengage Learning textbook, so it was a logical step to look at the digital assets that supported it. One of those resources was MindTap™, an interactive online learning experience built upon the textbook’s content. More than an eBook and different from a learning management system, MindTap allows students to guide themselves through their course — combining cases, readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a consistent learning path, with all relevant resources instantly accessible. In addition, MindTap exercises are automatically graded, which was good news to Holly. Read More…

MindTap™ Feeds Steve Ball’s Nutrition Students’ Craving for Interactive Learning Technology

Steve Ball has been teaching Nutritional Science and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri in Columbia since 2002. He uses MindTap™ — which provides a fully online learning experience that replaces a traditional textbook — in his fitness and wellness course. He and his students give MindTap a “thumbs up” for its interactivity, features, ease of use, and affordability. Read More…